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Internships at Happythreads 


"I undertook a 6 month internship at Happythreads to gain some industry experience after finishing my degree in Creative Digital Media. During my time with Happythreads I was able to put into practice the skills I learned at college into real world scenarios. I gained an insight into what its like working for a fast paced, e-commerce company and learned a lot about digital marketing which I had no previous experience of - I even gained a Google Analytics Qualification! As part of my internship my duties included creating newsletter campaigns, designing graphics for the Happythreads website, adding new product lines to the site and running social media accounts. At Happythreads hard work really pays off, I am now a Digital Sales and Marketing Executive at the company and couldn't be happier."

Lisa Bradley, Creative Digital Media, IT Tallaght


“I undertook my second year internship at Happythreads as a Digital Marketing Assistant. It was a really good experience both professionally and personally. I worked in the marketing department, the customer service office and the warehouse. I did some market research for a new business, managed social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), worked on multi-channel selling (eBay, Amazon), discovered Google Analytics and all its tools etc. I had many diverse assignments, these helped me to learn a lot about managing an ecommerce website. I was also able to attend conferences in Google Headquarters in Dublin on subjects such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Youtube advertising. The Happythreads team were helpful and welcoming, they helped me in my missions, and to improve my English and they taught me a lot about Irish culture."

Johanna, ISEG Marketing & Communication School, Lyon


"My internship at Happythreads as a Digital Marketing Assistant has been an incredible experience. I have gained various skills and know-how about digital marketing. During these three months of internship, I have discovered all of the aspects of how an e-commerce company works. I have worked in the Customer Service, in the Warehouse, in the After-Sales Services and in the Marketing Department. I have also taken courses to learn how manage company tools such as Google Analytics and Magento. Moreover, I have created studies and carried out reasearch for Happythreads. I have analyzed results, built graphs and put forward the outlook of developments to the team. I have also worked on the different social channels.This internship has been rewarding as the Happythreads team have welcomed me, helped me and encouraged me to progress. My internship was a complete learning experience, in a nice place, with an incredible team."
Anaïs Mouriaux, ECE, École de Commerce Européenne Lyon (BBA INSEEC)


"I have been working 3 months at Happythreads as a Digital Marketing Assistant, and it was a very nice experience. Everybody is very kind and helpful. I learned a lot of different things concerning Marketing, but also a company's organisation, the communication between the employees... and especially the functional of an Irish company (because I'm French and it was my first professional experience abroad). It was a real opportunity to work there and I recommend Happythreads for trainees who are looking for a rich professional experience."  

Victoria Norlander, MCS3, ISEG Marketing & Communication School, Lyon


"The internship I undertook at Happythreads whilst studying for a postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing provided a fantastic opportunity to break into a new industry and develop a strong skill-set in digital marketing with an eCommerce led organisation. Being able to take the theoretical learning and transform this immediately into real-life campaigns and strategies at Happythreads was without a doubt one of the key advantages of undertaking an internship in parallel with this course. This combination allowed me to quickly perfect and hone my practical skills and proved an advantageous selling point to employers when securing a permanent role on completion of my internship. Thanks again to all the team at Happythreads in particular Daniel the owner, for making this internship such a valuable learning opportunity" 

Elaine Cameron, Digital Marketing Diploma, Digital Marketing Institute


"I completed an internship at Happythreads during the summer 2013. I was keen to gain experience in Digital Marketing which I did. Working for a small progressive company where value for money is essential I was able to see first-hand how the various aspects of Digital Marketing combine in reality. I managed various digital marketing campaigns and measured their effectiveness. Through managing the websites, social media, SEO blogging, google, adwords, analytics, press releases and email campaigns I achieved a 30% website visitor increase and 40% increase in export sales. I have returned to finish my studies in Business in Trinity College and I feel confident about securing a full time job in Digital Marketing when I qualify." 

Deirdre Kelly, Business Studies, Trinity College


"At my time at Happythreads I got a real understanding on the role of a Digital Marketing Manager, the rhythm & routine of the daily/weekly activities within a busy E-commerce Company and the importance Digital Marketing has to an Online Business Model. I gained invaluable experience in backend website content editing, was responsible for updating new catalogue ranges and refreshed price points for sale and promotional offers. I also got great experience in the functionalities required in setting up Facebook ads, Twitter ads & got my own Google adwords account to set up and run my own Campaign. I was also very much included in the team from the beginning and found all I worked with extremely helpful and pleasant. My Internship at Happythreads has given me the practical knowledge that I require and allowed the theory I have learned to be put into practice, I can really see the value of this placement now as I Project Management my first live Digital Media Project. I would recommend this Internship to anyone seeking to gain valuable experience to help develop their skills in Digital Marketing."

Diarmuid O'Loughlin





"Mon stage chez Happythreads en tant que stagiaire en Marketing Digital a été une expérience formidable. En effet, j’ai pu acquérir des compétences et savoir-faires très variés. Pendant trois mois de stage, j’ai eu la chance de découvrir tous les aspects d’une entreprise. J’ai travaillé à l’entrepôt, au service client, au service après vente et surtout au service Marketing. Ainsi, J’ai suivi des cours pour apprendre à gérer des outils d’entreprise tels que Google Analytics ou encore Magento. Également, j’ai mené des études et effectué des recherches pour Happythreads. J’ai étudié les résultats, construit des graphiques permettant de mettre en évidence les perspectives d’évolution. J’ai véritablement mis en pratique mes connaissances scolaires. J’ai enfin eu l’occasion de travailler sur différents réseaux sociaux. Ce stage n’aurait pas pu être aussi enrichissant sans toute l’équipe Happythreads, qui m’a accueilli, aidé, et sans qui je n’aurais jamais autant progressé. Un apprentissage complet, dans un cadre agréable et avec une équipe sympathique, constituent le cocktail parfait pour un stage réussi, et une expérience professionnelle véritablement constructive."

Anaïs Mouriaux, ECE, École de Commerce Européenne Lyon (BBA INSEEC)


"J’ai effectué mon stage de 2è année à Dublin au sein de l’entreprise Happythreads, distributeur d’uniformes médicaux en Irlande et au Royaume-Uni. Ce stage a été très gratifiant, car en tant qu’Assistante en Marketing Digital, j’ai eu la chance de faire des missions passionnantes et très variées. De plus, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’améliorer mon anglais, et de découvrir une autre culture. Je recommande fortement aux étudiants passionnés par le digital de rejoindre l’équipe de Happythreads."

Victoria Norlander, MCS3, ISEG Marketing & Communication School, Lyon


"J’ai réalisé mon stage de deuxieme année à Happythreads en tant qu'Assistante en Marketing Digital. Ce fut une très bonne expérience tant professionnelle que personnelle. J’ai pu travailler au service marketing, au service client et dans l'entrepôt. J’ai réalisé des études de marchés, géré les réseaux sociaux (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), travaillé sur les marketplace, découvert Google Analytics et tous ses outils etc. Mes missions étaient polyvalentes, cela m’a permit d’en apprendre beaucoup sur la gestion d’un site d’e-commerce. J’ai aussi eu la chance d’assister à des conferences sur Google AdWords, Youtube, Google Analytics, dans les locaux de Google à Dublin. J’ai ete tres bien accueilli par l'équipe d’Happythreads, ils m’ont beaucoup aide dans la réussite de mes missions et à progresser sur mon anglais, ainsi que sur la culture irlandaise."

Johanna Convers, ISEG Marketing & Communication School, Lyon

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