Introducing the Koi Spring 2014 Healthcare range, we are delighted to bring you these new, fashionable, colourful, comfortable and durable healthcare uniforms from Koi - one of our premium suppliers.
Everyone has watched the TV ads showing people using Whitening toothpastes, how they smile and how their teeth are perfectly white, sparkling and straight. They really want to draw you to buying the product…. and it does, we are driven by the need to look like Media actors and actresses. If it’s affordable you can get your teeth buffed and whitened professionally, many do before big occasions like Weddings or family Photo Shoots.
Building up layers, to keep warm is vital in the winter, these layers will help you feel more comfortable especially if you work in cold environments or have to travel a lot in cold climates. Layering will provide pockets of warmth to the body and retain this heat with the specialist fabrics used in the garment. Clothes alone will not keep your body warm and comfortable, consuming warm and hot drinks regularly will maintain good body temperature. Exercising during breaks even a quick walk will keep good blood flow circulation.

Healthcare Uniform Sale

Happythreads Healthcare Uniform Sale 2014 is here!

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas Festivities and had a great new year celebration. 2013 saw some great new ranges to our existing brands. 2014 will see even greater product launches and we here at are really excited about them.