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Through an online survey, childcare managers and nursery staff were asked their opinions on staff wearing nursery uniforms and childcare uniforms in childcare facilities. One question was posed:

Should Childcare Staff Wear Nursery Uniforms To Work?
Happythreads has just joined Instagram and we are lonely! Looking for some followers of dedicated healthcare uniform fashion you see! If you wear healthcare uniforms, dental uniforms or medical scrubs to work then this competition is for you.
happythreads have kindly done all the work for you when it comes to looking for the perfect men's tunic. Search no more as happythreads have provided a selection of the top choice men's tunics in one place. If you are looking to buy scrubs for new hospital uniforms or dental uniforms then we have a great selection for you.
Who said nursery uniforms have to be boring? happythreads don't think they do, and you can see this definitely is the case with our wide range of bright and colourful nursery uniforms. we have a great selection of colours and styles to choose from in sizes 6 to 30 so you will be spoilt for choice.
This Saturday is Valentine's Day, what are you doing to celebrate? happythreads have some great ideas for you.
Spring is just around the corner and happythreads have a great range of scrub suits in many colours for men and women to choose from. happythreads have you covered when it comes to your hospital scrubs, scrub tops, hospital uniforms and medical uniforms. happythreads carry a number of styles so you are bound to find something you will love.
happythreads have a great selection of care uniforms for anyone looking for a new care assistant uniform. Whether you are looking for care uniforms that are bright and colourful or plain and simple happythreads have you covered.

New Spring 2015 Collection

New Spring 2015 Collection of Scrubs UK and Healthcare Uniforms Just Launched

Dental Uniforms at Happythreads

Looking for New Dental Scrubs then check out happythreads Great Range of Dental Uniforms

Lab Coats at Happythreads

Looking for Lab Coats for Women or a New Doctors Coat to complete your Healthcare Uniforms? Look no Further than happythreads
happythreads have a great selection of healthcare uniforms, Whether you are looking for a new dental, nurse, doctor, childcare or vet uniform happythreads have an amazing selection for you.

New Cheap Healthcare Uniforms

Happythreads are delighted to announce that they will now be supplying NHS employees and dental professionals with new cheap healthcare uniforms for the ward or practice on a budget
Christmas is over, which means only one thing: SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Veterinary Uniforms on Special Offer
Christmas is over, which means only one thing SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happythreads know it can be a depressing time knowing the fun and festivities of Christmas are over so we have put together a great sale to cheer you up
Christmas is over, which means only one thing: SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happythreads know it can be a depressing time knowing the fun and festivities of Christmas are over so we have put together a great sale to cheer you up. If you are looking to start the new year with a new set of Nursery Uniform then happythreads have just what you are looking for.
Get Rid of your Post Christmas Blues with happythreads Amazing Dental Uniform Sale
Unsure of what to dress up as this Halloween? Don't have the budget to invest in an elaborate spooky costume or the time to make your own? Well you're in luck as happythreads have some medical Halloween scrubs that will do just the job
We have been busy bees here in Happythreads and have just added fashionable nurses clogs to our range of fashion forward scrubs UK that you actually look forward to wearing. After much research we decided to go with Suecos Shoes. These nurses clogs offer healthcare professionals a stylish but comfortable shoe for standing on your feet all day in our hospitals. We are offering a special pre order price of £29.99 to celebrate these nurses clogs being added to our scrubs UK collection.

How to wash your nurses uniforms

We receive lots of enquiries about what is the correct temperature to wash your nurses' uniforms at, well wonder no more as happythreads have all the answers for you.
Dickies Scrubs offer a classic cut in a variety of traditional and colourful colours. If you are looking for scrubs then the Dickies brand will offer you plenty to choose from.
Happythreads Uniforms are delighted to have the BBC One Drama 'In The Club' featuring their uniforms. koi scrubs are the fastest growing scrubs brand in the world. The collection ranges from soft and elegant to bold and sophisticated, incorporating a level of detail that has never been brought to scrub wear before. No seriously, these are some scrubs.
happythreads are looking forward to participating in this years childcare expo in Coventry’s Ricoh Arena on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th of September. happythreads have a wide range of colourful and stylish yet practical childcare uniforms and nursery uniforms to offer.

Medical Uniforms like Scrubs TV Show

happythreads have taken inspiration from one of our favourite medical TV shows "Scrubs" so you can dress in medical uniforms like your favourite medical TV stars and look ultra stylish at work.
It may be your first time expecting a child or your third, but everyone is in the same boat when it comes to deciding what are the best maternity scrubs to wear when you are pregnant? No need to worry though as happythreads has the answer for you.
Part two of Daniel's sea swim adventure - when we left him, he was in an ambulance, having just realised he probably wasn't going to die

Sea Swim Sandycove Part 1

Last Sunday I was invited by a friend to partake in a sea swim in Sandycove. Although I'm a regular swimmer and surfer I had never done a sea swim but was prepared to give it a go - Read more about Daniel's adventure!

New koi Stretch Range

happythreads are happy to announce the arrival of the new koi Stretch range. koi have created fabrics with a great stretch and soft texture. A fabric designed to move with your bod

Tags: koi, koi stretch

Super soft Dental Uniform Set

koi are famous for their soft cotton twill designer dental uniforms. We are happy to announce the arrival of the super soft dental uniforms by koi. If you are a fan of koi dental uniforms, you will love the look and the feel of their new comfort collection. The comfort collection is designed for healthcare professionals who want a stylish yet comfortable work-wear.
Nursing scrubs are not just convenient cotton tops and loose pants that you pull on when you get to work every morning. Nursing scrubs define your personality and tell people who you are. A well-fitted and styled set of matching nursing scrubs can make you stand out and make others take note of you. You will be seen as a confident nurse who cares about projecting the right image when you are seen wearing a good set of scrubs.
Happythreads was at the Dentistry Show last week, the first of our major conferences of 2014. Getting ready and preparing for the event takes good planning and event management skills. The show took place at the NEC in Birmingham, it is the largest free event in the UK for all Dental Healthcare Professionals alike.
There are various codes and regulations that impact on carehome uniforms, these will normally depend on their acceptable work practices. Some institutions feel that staff should always be in uniform the way they are in hospitals, others would feel a less formal approach is more acceptable.
Introducing the Koi Spring 2014 Healthcare range, we are delighted to bring you these new, fashionable, colourful, comfortable and durable healthcare uniforms from Koi - one of our premium suppliers.
Everyone has watched the TV ads showing people using Whitening toothpastes, how they smile and how their teeth are perfectly white, sparkling and straight. They really want to draw you to buying the product…. and it does, we are driven by the need to look like Media actors and actresses. If it’s affordable you can get your teeth buffed and whitened professionally, many do before big occasions like Weddings or family Photo Shoots.
Building up layers, to keep warm is vital in the winter, these layers will help you feel more comfortable especially if you work in cold environments or have to travel a lot in cold climates. Layering will provide pockets of warmth to the body and retain this heat with the specialist fabrics used in the garment. Clothes alone will not keep your body warm and comfortable, consuming warm and hot drinks regularly will maintain good body temperature. Exercising during breaks even a quick walk will keep good blood flow circulation.

Healthcare Uniform Sale

Happythreads Healthcare Uniform Sale 2014 is here!

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas Festivities and had a great new year celebration. 2013 saw some great new ranges to our existing brands. 2014 will see even greater product launches and we here at are really excited about them.
Our mouths are a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. When we clean our teeth, the aim is to knock out cavity-causing bacteria, while allowing beneficial oral bacteria to thrive. Now, researchers have developed a sugar-free candy, which contains dead bacteria that bind to bad bacteria, potentially reducing cavities.
From time to time we receive images from our customers wearing our healthcare uniforms.

Today we received this picture from a dental practice Freshbrook Dental wearing our dental uniforms!
We are delighted to announce that we are taking part in this year's Oral Health Conference (BSDHT) taking place in Birmingham at the ICC 15th & 16th November.

Happythreads At The BDTA

We had a great show at the 2013 BDTA show in Birmingham. Our stand was very busy with a lot of interest in the koi Dental tunics and the new Orange Standard range of dental scrubs.
We receive a lot of enquiries about the correct temperature to launder dental scrubs and tunics. The guidelines on the correct washing temperatures are constantly changing.
As we look towards Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Rachel, a happythreads staff member, has kindly shared her own cancer story. Thank you so much Rachel, we wish you continued health and recovery.
Choose the right scrub colour for you with the help of our guide. We want to help you find the right shade to complement your skin tone so that you're looking your best at work! Simply pick your skin type below to get our tips and tricks on the right shade of scrubs to be wearing.
It can be hard to know which nursing uniform is best for your body shape. Our quick how-to guide will give you an overview of the best styles to choose based on your body type.
We are proud to announce that we are now selling Dickies scrubs in the UK. These healthcare uniforms are perfect for hectic medical environments due to the hard-wearing nature of the scrubs.
First of all we'd like to congratulate Will & Kate on the birth of their baby boy. In honor of the newest addition to the royal family we are offering some 'royal discounts' for our customers in the UK. To celebrate the birth of baby George we are selling medical scrubs from our koi designer range at a 20% discount in the national colours: ruby, royal blue and white.
Here at HappyThreads we wanted to do something to celebrate this good weather. We are running a competition on our Facebook page to say thank you to all of our fans!

Dentistry Show 2013

It was a busy time at Happythreads last week as we made our final preparations for the Dentistry Show 2013, our first major conference of the year. Getting ready for a trade show is one of those things that creeps up on you.....when we reserved our spot several months ago, sure we thought we had plenty of time to get ready but the date came around all too quickly. Still, I think we all crave a little pressure in our lives from time to time!
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