Customer Confessions March: Adventures with Scrub Trousers

After our call for submissions of stories last month, we’ve had some wonderful stories submitted to us from some extremely talented and funny writers. Here’s the first in what will hopefully be a long and entertaining series, dealing with a mishap with scrub trousers!

Thank you so much to Sal, who sent in this fantastic story and who has won a free scrub top for her efforts.

The Drawback to Drawstrings

Tension was high in the theatre. The thankfully steady beat of the monitor seemed to hold the room together, interrupted only by the monotonous voice of the surgeon.

As I passed the requested instruments and sutures, I had my own subacute situation going on.

In my rush to scrub up, I had not tied my trousers properly.

The circulating nurse was my efficient but mischievous friend, so he was not going to be my saviour.

As the time passed, the tension in the room lifted, the steady drone of the surgeon's requests was replaced by banter about golf and planning the rest of the day's lists. But then my heart rate overtook the one on the monitor, as my own mini-drama took over in the theatre.

How great are those moments in theatre which lighten a busy day... but not when it includes my scrub trousers wallowing around my pink polka dot ankle socks!


Elasticated Scrub Trousers

If you're worried about this ever happening to you, here are some recommendations for elasticated waisted scrub trousers.

Koi Morgan Trousers


If you like your comfort, then these koi Morgan Scrub Trousers are perfect. They are ultra soft and super comfy. They have a drawstring waist, but also a rib-trim waistband that you can wear rolled or unrolled for added comfort. When you wear the koi Morgan Scrub Trousers, it really does feel like you are wearing tracksuit bottoms but with total style. The koi Morgan Scrub Trousers also have 5 pockets for all your belongings. They are made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

Koi Lite Spirit Trousers


Koi Lite Spirit Elasticated Waist Scrub TrousersThe Koi Spirit trousers are part of the Koi Lite range meaning easy wash and wear, lightweight material and no wrinkles. The Spirit trousers feature a double elastic waistband, an adjustable toggle on the ankles and a cinched leg fit. These trousers are made from comfortable, moisture wicking material and contain five pockets.

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