Dental Uniforms at Happythreads

Have you been searching for the perfect dental scrubs that are both flattering yet comfortable? Well, then we think we have you sorted. happythreads have a great selection of dental uniforms and dental nurse uniforms to choose from. The koi and Orange Standard range are very popular choices among dentists who are looking for the perfect dental scrubs.

The koi Stretch Set is one of our most popular choices for dental scrubs. The koi Stretch Set is a combination of the koi Mackenzie dental tunic and koi Stretch Lindsey Pants.

The koi Mackenzie Tunic is one of our most popular dental tunics, and why wouldn't it be? It is super stylish, flattering and unbelievably comfy as it is made of superior stretch fabric. The koi Stretch Lindsey Pants are also super comfy as they are also made of stretch fabric which is great for ease of movement. They have a figure-hugging trouser leg that is super flattering.

The koi Stretch Set is available in a variety of colours from your basic but beautiful colours that are black and white to the more fun and funky ultramarine.

The koi brand is also a very popular choice among men for dental scrubs. The koi men's set, which is a combination of the koi Jason Tunic and koi James Trousers is worthy of the title perfect dental scrubs. Let me explain why. Apart from being ridiculously comfy, amazingly soft and let's not lie they look great too, they are available in 6 different colours so you will not be stuck for choice.

Another popular brand for dental scrubs is the Orange Standard range. The Orange Standard range is great because male and female dentists can dress in identical dental scrubs with the Orange Standard Unisex Set. The Set is a combination of the Balboa Top and Huntington Scrub Trousers. This set is super comfy and stylish and comes in a variety of colours from black to an eye-popping fierce fuchsia.

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