Garment Care Instructions for Scrub Tops

Many people experience the problem of fluff on cotton rich garments such as the koi scrub tops which use a soft poly-cotton fabric (55% cotton), unfortunately fluff tends to be attracted to higher quality, heavier weaves. Fluff can be removed with a lint roll (available in Ikea etc), sticky tape will do in an emergency.

Fluff should not be confused with pilling or balling; this is the formation of little balls of material forming around loose fibres, which will not be easily removed by brushing or using a lint roll (a razor can help!). Pilling can be caused by poor quality material, a loose weave or excessive abrasion. Pilling will not occour on good quality tunics and scrubs such as those by Hejco and koi.

Here are our garment care instructions - Five top tips for reducing fluff

  1. Ensure there is no tissue paper lurking around in the pockets.
  2. Drying clothes in a dryer can help in de-fluffing garments.
  3. Darker clothes should be washed separately.
  4. Towels (especially different coloured ones) should be not be washed with cotton rich garments.
  5. Check and clean the filter of washing machines and dryers regularly.
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