Healthcare Uniforms to get you Noticed this Valentine's Day

This Saturday is Valentine's Day, what are you doing to celebrate? happythreads have some great ideas for you. If you are lucky enough to be off then you have the opportunity to wear something other than healthcare uniforms. Why not dress up in something fancy, something more glamorous than your usual healthcare uniforms. Go out to eat in one of your favourite restaurants or go see a romantic film or new release at the cinema.

If you do unfortunately have to work the night shift that night then why not have your valentines date during the day? Go for a nice lunch, a stroll around town or even a matinee showing at the cinema.

If you are working valentines day you can still get into the romantic spirit in work with happythreads great selection of red and pink healthcare uniforms. Why not wear the koi Ashley Top in ruby or try the Koi Nicole Top in flamingo - as they say wear pink to make the boys wink. 

Don't worry boys you can also get involved in the Valentines themed healthcare uniforms with the Koi Jason Top or the Balboa Unisex Scrub Top in Wine.

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