Look Cool & Stay Cool with Koi Lite

These summer months have been a record-breaking, sweat-inducing, smile coaxing, ice cream eating affair - and all of us here at Happythreads have been loving it!

Or, mostly loving it….. It’s no joke sometimes, trying to put your head down in a work environment that feels like it’s been moved several thousand feet closer to the sun. Never mind looking out the window longing for the beach, even being physically able to fulfil your duties can be like completing a marathon.

But, we are a dedicated bunch, as are our customers, and so we have waved our magic wand and brought to you what you have been dreaming of! Our bestselling range of Koi Lite scrubs - lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, as well as stretchy and flexible, these are the uniforms you’ve been praying for!

From doctors to dentists, beauticians to vets - Koi Lite will allow you to do your best work while keeping cool, and looking incredibly stylish. With different styles and a wide array of colours, you’d be hard-pressed not to fall in love with these threads.

From the ladies Philosophy tops with zip side pockets, to the men's Endurance trousers with an F-Stop pocket to ensure your stuff is kept safe, this range is packed with all the features you need, so there is no necessity to sacrifice any practicality.

Speaking of practicality, these scrubs are easy-care - simple to wash and wrinkle resistant for on the go and on-call emergencies.

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