Looking for a Men's Tunic? Look no further than happythreads

happythreads have kindly done all the work for you when it comes to looking for the perfect men's tunic. Search no more as happythreads have provided a selection of the top choice men's tunics in one place. If you are looking to buy scrubs for new hospital uniforms or dental uniforms then we have a great selection for you.

koi-jason-top-turquoiseKoi Jason Tunic

Let's start with the very popular Jason men's tunic from the koi scrubs range. The Jason men's tunic has been designed especially for you by koi scrubs based on customer feedback. If that wasn't enough to prove the Jason men's tunic is one of the best men's tunics ever here are some more reasons for you.

It comes in a variety of colours so you are bound to find the perfect men's tunic for you, it is super soft and comfortable as it is made of 55% cotton, has deep pockets for all your belongings and is machine washable what more could you ask for.



Dickies V-Neck Tunic

Robust and hard-wearing, the Dickies Unisex Scrub Top is a popular choice for people looking for a good-quality men's tunic.

Dickies Unisex Scrub Top top offers a generous fit, making it super comfy to wear. The neckline is a flattering v-neck and there are two roomy pockets at the front of the scrub top for all your belongings. This men's scrub top is made of a 65% polyester and 35% hard wearing cotton mix.

Another advantage to this tunic is that it is unisex - if you need to kit out a mixed-gender department in the same scrubs, the Dickies Unisex Scrub Top is a great option!


Orange Standard Balboa Tunic

balboaLast but not least we have the Orange Standard Balboa men's tunic. The Balboa men's tunic is great because not only is it unisex so all staff can wear the same scrub suits but everyone can look great too. The Balboa Mens tunic has lots of pockets to carry all your belongings, a ring on the chest pocket to hold your ID badge and comes in a variety of colours so you are bound to find something you like.


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