New Spring 2015 Collection

Don't you just find that be the end of January you have to change up your work uniform wardrobe? I always find that I am reaching the end of my tether with all of the sombre palette of charcoal grey scrubs UK and black scrubs UK. But I always like to look on the bright side. By late January I can just about imagine the days when it won’t be dark when I go to and from work (unless of course, you are a healthcare professional like so many of our customers), and sitting in a sunny garden with friends doesn’t seem too far in the distant future. Essentially, the end of January marks the end of the hibernation period and that means bring on the bright colours!

We have just launched our Happythreads Spring 2015 collection of new healthcare uniforms and scrubs UK. Yes it is still winter and yes it is still bitterly cold but that doesn't mean you can not brighten up your uniform wardrobe. We have made it folks! The longer days of spring are nearly in full sight. These dazzling new Happythreads colours will bring a ray of sunshine to your Spring 2015 scrubs UK and uniform wardrobe.

New Spring 2015 Healthcare Uniforms and Scrubs UK Colours

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