Websites for Medical Clinics I

Clinics such as Dental Practices, Medical Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres need to be easily located on the internet (get found), for many prospective patients search engines such as Google have replaced the phone directory. Often the first impression is what you find in a Google search and your clinic may be judged on this.

Reasons for having a website:
  • Bring in new patients
  • To communicate your image, service and ethos
  • To provide information
  • To market and promote your products

Types of websites for Medical Clinics Commissioning a website design is a bit like buying a car. You need a car to get to work, do you buy that Micra today and drive to work tomorrow or do you order a customised Jaguar and take the bus for the next 6 months? In a similar manner, you may get a site built on a template for a few hundred pounds that will be operational within a week or you could commission a custom-built site that may cost 5 figures and take months to design. There is the option of doing it yourself but unless you are very IT literate you may end up with a very basic website that has taken a lot of time. There are also services offering a basic web presence or mini-site such as those available through ‘mysite’ offered by Truvo. These are partly DIY and may not look like a full site. Find out how much they will cost per year as they may cost more than a full site in the long term.

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