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Practical Watches for Medical Professionals

Our medical watch has a wide range of practical advantages. A standout feature being its brooch attachment system. By firmly securing it to your scrubs with a safety pin, this system ensures that you always have the time at your fingertips. This secure attachment method eliminates the potential risks associated with wearing a traditional wristwatch, making it the ideal choice for hospital environments

Designed with a 180-degree oriented dial, our watch provides effortless readability. The dial of our nurse's watch not only includes small and large hands but also a second hand, a valuable asset for tasks such as measuring patients' pulses.

Easy to Clean Healthcare Watches 

Made from premium silicon, our watches are water resistant and easy to clean. These qualities make our watches a sensible and hygienic choice for healthcare settings where infection control and cleanliness are a necessity. 

Reliable Nurse Fob Watches

Our resilient and lightweight medical watches are tailor-made for the demanding and fast-paced healthcare scenarios, ensuring you can wear them throughout the day without concerns of damage or discomfort. 

Our medical watches offer healthcare professionals a reliable option to keep track of time while upholding a clean and secure environment for healthcare workers and their patients. Don’t wait any longer, make the most of every moment with our watches!