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Part two of Daniel's sea swim adventure - when we left him, he was in an ambulance, having just realised he probably wasn't going to die

Sea Swim Sandycove Part 1

Last Sunday I was invited by a friend to partake in a sea swim in Sandycove. Although I'm a regular swimmer and surfer I had never done a sea swim but was prepared to give it a go - Read more about Daniel's adventure!
Everyone has watched the TV ads showing people using Whitening toothpastes, how they smile and how their teeth are perfectly white, sparkling and straight. They really want to draw you to buying the product…. and it does, we are driven by the need to look like Media actors and actresses. If it’s affordable you can get your teeth buffed and whitened professionally, many do before big occasions like Weddings or family Photo Shoots.
Our mouths are a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. When we clean our teeth, the aim is to knock out cavity-causing bacteria, while allowing beneficial oral bacteria to thrive. Now, researchers have developed a sugar-free candy, which contains dead bacteria that bind to bad bacteria, potentially reducing cavities.
From time to time we receive images from our customers wearing our healthcare uniforms.

Today we received this picture from a dental practice Freshbrook Dental wearing our dental uniforms!
We are delighted to announce that we are taking part in this year's Oral Health Conference (BSDHT) taking place in Birmingham at the ICC 15th & 16th November.
We receive a lot of enquiries about the correct temperature to launder dental scrubs and tunics. The guidelines on the correct washing temperatures are constantly changing.
It can be hard to know which nursing uniform is best for your body shape. Our quick how-to guide will give you an overview of the best styles to choose based on your body type.
We are proud to announce that we are now selling Dickies scrubs in the UK. These healthcare uniforms are perfect for hectic medical environments due to the hard-wearing nature of the scrubs.
First of all we'd like to congratulate Will & Kate on the birth of their baby boy. In honor of the newest addition to the royal family we are offering some 'royal discounts' for our customers in the UK. To celebrate the birth of baby George we are selling medical scrubs from our koi designer range at a 20% discount in the national colours: ruby, royal blue and white.
Here at HappyThreads we wanted to do something to celebrate this good weather. We are running a competition on our Facebook page to say thank you to all of our fans!
Nurses uniforms over the years have changed dramatically – did you know that the uniform originally was modeled on the nun’s habit and some of you may even remember starching your uniform and donning the obligatory cape! Nowadays though, the modern nursing scrubs are much more comfortable and certainly easier to maintain with many opting for a nurse’s tunic and trouser combination.
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We share 3 simple tips for looking fashionable at work but still maintaining that all important professional image.
To look fashionable at work isn't just for high-powered executives. There is an ever growing number of healthcare professionals who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable too without compromising their professional image.

The Scrubs worn on Scrubs

Ever wonder how the actors and actresses on TV shows such as Scrubs, Greys Anatomy and Casualty look so good in their scrubs? We have encountered many Dentists, Nurses and Hygienists who have bought scrubs having seen these TV shows only to find they have purchased an un-shapely, ill-fitted unflattering scrub top.
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Many dental practices require a more individual look and seek a uniform that reflects their personality and profession, they may wish for something more than the generic scrub top or a beautician’s tunic.
Koi: koi is a US manufacturer of fashion-forward uniforms designed for those looking for a contemporary yet professional look. When Kathy Peterson, the founder of koi, first began designing uniforms, she noticed that many manufacturers viewed design as an after-thought; she found that many healthcare professionals welcomed a more fashionable approach to uniforms.
The embroidery option is great for healthcare uniforms. It can be used to reinforce a team approach by getting the practice logo embroidered on all garments. It is important that the uniform supplier has an understanding of how the embroidery options work.

Embroidered Medical Uniforms

Adding embroidery to your medical uniform really creates a great team environment. We provide a full embroidery service!
What does your dental uniform say about you? Koi is the perfect uniform choice for dental hygienists and therapists.

Garment Care for koi Nurses Tunics

The koi scrubs are hardwearing and will last well, however, garment care for koi nurses tunics like any other must be considered as follows.

Websites for Medical Clinics I

Clinics such as Dental Practices, Medical Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres need to be easily located on the internet (get found), for many prospective patients search engines such as Google have replaced the phone directory. Often the first impression is what you find in a Google search and your clinic may be judged on this.
How to care for your Koi Classic/ Koi Comfort tops and avoid fluff