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Dopamine Dressing: Scrubs Edition

What is dopamine dressing and what has it got to do with my work uniform?

You might have heard the term ‘dopamine dressing’ being mentioned when it comes to fashion trends in the last few years, especially post-pandemic when lots of bold and vibrant colours have been front and centre in high street stores. But what exactly does dopamine dressing mean? Put simply, the thinking behind dopamine dressing is that choosing what you wear can enhance or reflect your mood and help you feel better. You might be dressing this way already without even realising it; is there a certain colour you’re always drawn to when choosing your outfit? Maybe a favourite top or pair of socks comes to mind? This idea has been around for years with psychologists researching how what we wear affects our mood and confidence, but with the easing of COVID-19 lockdowns it has emerged again. People moved from comfort dressing to dopamine dressing and it’s a trend that is here to stay, so we’re going to show you how you can apply this phenomenon to your work wardrobe.

How can I use ‘dopamine dressing’ when it comes to my scrubs?

We all know that wearing something you’re not comfortable in can affect your mood, including workwear, so it’s natural that the opposite is true too! At Happythreads, we have always aimed to show our customers that they can feel comfortable, confident and stylish in their work uniform. Whether that means wearing bright colours, scrub tops in a feminine shape, or expressing personality through funky accessories like badge reels. If you’d like to apply the dopamine dressing trend to your scrubs uniform it’s simple, choose scrubs or accessories that you know will make you feel good about yourself. That doesn’t just mean wearing bright pink or vivid yellow scrubs, it could mean wearing more neutral coloured scrubs. After all, we all have different personal styles! Feeling good at work might mean wearing something classic and chic like charcoal or black but choosing a scrub top style that you can tuck in to flatter your figure; or mixing and matching different colours based on the day if you don’t have a team uniform. You could start by trying to be aware of what colours and styles make you feel happy and confident when it comes to your casual clothes and seeing if you can incorporate some of your personal style to your uniform.

How can I apply dopamine dressing when I have to wear hospital standard or team uniforms?

When your workplace requires you to wear a particular uniform or medical scrub style it can be difficult to show your personality in your uniform BUT this shouldn’t stop you from applying some of the rules of dopamine dressing to your workwear. You can still find little accessories or details that enhance your mood. If you wear a badge or name tag you could choose a fun badge reel that makes you smile every time you look down at it.

If you’re a shoe person, you could choose funky or chunky work shoes based on your style. If you need to wear clogs to work, we have some lovely prints in the Suecos clogs that look really bright and feminine with scrubs trousers and really brighten up your scrubs outfit.

Do you wear a scrub cap at work? Try experimenting with different bold and bright prints.

Colours are often chosen for the meanings and connotations associated with them. These meanings can differ in different cultures, so you can apply your own meanings to them too! Different hues and tones can affect your mood too; think choosing wall paint for your home, is there a colour that you would never pick? There might be a theme running through your home that makes you feel cozy. This will be different for everyone, and a colour you’re drawn towards can change daily depending on how you feel. Here are some colour meanings and scrubs to match; see if you notice a trend in meanings for colours you reach for the most!


Blue Scrubs:

Blue is the colour of serenity, productivity and trust

If you’re someone who likes to feel calm and on task throughout your work day, especially in busy and hectic environments, then wearing a shade of blue scrubs like the lovely true ceil or teal is your best friend. Embody the calmness this colour brings!


Pink Scrubs:

Pink is the colour of passion

If you’re a fun, outgoing person with a passion for your profession you would like ALL to see then wearing pink is a great way to express that! Vibrant colours like rose pink or azalea scrub tops will make your passion and happiness contagious to those around you.

Grey Scrubs:

Grey is the colour of control, reliability and intellect

If you’re trying to portray serious professionalism and confidence, but look chic and stylish while doing it then charcoal is a perfect choice! Especially if bright colours aren’t your style.  Charcoal grey is a great neutral colour for your team's work uniform.


Green Scrubs:

Green is the colour of nature, luck, growth and envy

If you’re looking to manifest some positivity, luck and groundedness into your day then maybe a hunter green or sage scrub are for you. Remind yourself you can create your own luck and boost your mood by looking down at your fabulous scrubs.

Coral Scrubs:

Coral is the colour of joy, warmth and optimism

Ready to spread your joy and optimism for life to your coworkers? Or perk up your mood on those tough days? Dressing for your mood is a great way to feel confident throughout the day. Let your personality shine in some bright and joyful scrub tops like the coral Koi basics.


Purple Scrubs:

Purple is the colour of creativity, luxury and mystery

Associated with royalty, purple has long been associated with luxury. Feel like your most luxurious, creative self all day long with a pop of purple in your work wardrobe; whether you prefer pastel shades like wisteria or jewel tones like grape.

Yellow Scrubs:

Yellow is the colour of positivity, happiness and confidence

Has anyone ever seen a bright sunny yellow and not smiled? Sure to brighten up the day of not only those who wear ir but all those who look at it. Stand out from the crowd in some sunshine scrubs to match your sunny personality. These will definitely help your patients recognise you in a busy environment.


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