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Empowering Transgender Care: An Interview with Paige Behan, Medical Aesthetician, on Beauty Uniforms.

Upgrade Your Salon's Style with Happythreads Beauty Tunics


In this feature, we dive into salon style and comfort with an exclusive interview with Paige Behan, a well-known medical aesthetician who supports gender-affirming care. Following our chat, we'll look at our carefully chosen Happythreads beauty tunics and Koi Scrubs collections, designed to enhance your salon's appearance, while ensuring the comfort and confidence of your entire team.


  1. Could you introduce yourself and share what inspired you to pursue a career in beauty?

Of course! My name is Paige Behan and I am a medical aesthetician located in Dublin and working under the brand I work closely with the transgender community to help provide more gender affirming care by means of masculinising or feminising the face. My inspiration for this was solely based on my own experiences as a trans woman, and knowing the struggles of not being able to access this kind of care. 

  1. How important is your choice of tunic and scrubs in your day-to-day work?

From a professional standpoint, there’s a level of comfort given by scrubs in a clinical setting, ensuring trust between clinician and patient or client. Happythreads have always been consistent with their quality and ability to connect functionality alongside the day to day practicality of a scrub.

  1. In what ways do you believe the right salon attire influences clients' perception of professionalism and the overall brand image? 

Right attire in a salon setting is key to ensuring that your client is fully trusting of your professional opinion when it comes to decisions, and the overall brand image is ultimately affected by this. A customer is more trusting knowing they’re being looked after by someone who takes pride in their brand.

  1. Have you received any feedback from clients or colleagues regarding your Happythreads beauty uniforms?

My clients LOVE them! The colour selection that I wear, including the form fitting aspect overall is something that my clients really take to, working in the aesthetics and beauty industry, this is key also.

  1. If you could design your ideal salon tunic or scrubs, what features would it include? 

Personally, being trans, I shy away from other brands for the simple fact that they do not fit me the way I like, but with Happythreads, it gives me a sense of Gender Euphoria knowing that every scrub set I choose not only fits me the way I want, but is comfortable enough for me to get through the day and not worry.

As Paige Behan highlights the significance of comfort and functionality in salon wear, it's clear that the right choice in attire is not just about aesthetics—it's about embodying the professional and inclusive ethos that professionals like Paige stand for. This brings us to our exclusive range of Happythreads beauty tunics and Koi Scrubs, designed with these very principles in mind.


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