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Healthcare Scrubs & Tips to Navigate the Winter Challenges

As winter approaches, healthcare professionals encounter unique challenges. Beyond the typical demands of their roles, there is the added necessity of staying warm and warding off seasonal illnesses. At Happythreads, we recognize these hurdles and are committed to ensuring your comfort and warmth throughout the colder months with our specially designed thermal scrubs.

Thermal Scrubs and Layering Techniques for Healthcare Professionals

To effectively navigate the winter season, consider these expert strategies:

Scrub Choice: Balancing Warmth and Comfort

The fabric of your scrubs and outerwear is critical in defending against cold temperatures. Staying warm involves more than just layering clothes; it requires smart choices in how you layer them. Think of your outfit in three strategic layers: the base layer, the mid-layer and the top layer.

Base Layer: Planet Koi Underscrubs

Begin with an option like our Planet Koi Wellbeing Long Sleeve Underscrub Tee, designed to wick moisture while keeping you comfortable and warm.

Scrub Insulation and Protection: Selecting the Right Layers

Choosing appropriate layers for your medical scrubs is vital during the colder months. Start with synthetic thermal fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex, and lycra for the base layer. These materials efficiently retain body heat and manage moisture.

Merino Wool for Insulation

For insulation, consider the unparalleled properties of Merino wool. Traditionally favoured for its insulating qualities, it also provides softness and breathability, making it ideal for demanding healthcare settings.

Cotton for Mid-Layers

Cotton is suitable for mid-layers, especially indoors, due to its durability and ability to retain heat. However, keep in mind that cotton can absorb moisture, so it's best used as an intermediate layer rather than a base layer to minimise heat loss.

The Koi Next Gen Range: Merging Style and Comfort for Healthcare Professionals

Our Koi Next Gen range is designed to meet the specific challenges of finding suitable materials for thermal clothing. This range effectively tackles the issue of moisture absorption in cotton-based clothing by integrating more efficient materials for moisture management. We offer options like the Koi Next Gen Back In Action Top with Smart Daily Joggers for women and the On Call Top with Day To Night Joggers for men, ensuring both warmth and style.

Functional Scrub Outerwear: Koi Lite Wellness and Koi Basics Jackets

For outdoor activities, we recommend our Koi Lite Wellness Jacket or the Koi Basics Andrea Jacket. These jackets are tailored to provide comfort in colder conditions. For men, we have the Koi Next Gen Reactivate Jacket and the Koi Next Gen Ready Set Go Jacket.

Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Healthcare Professionals in Winter

Staying warm goes beyond clothing to include diet and hydration.

Consuming warm, nourishing meals like soups and focusing on carbohydrates for insulation and energy is crucial. Limit caffeine intake to prevent heat loss.

Staying Physically Active: Essential for Warmth in Healthcare

Regular physical activity is key to maintaining warmth. Brief exercises, such as brisk walks, enhance circulation and body heat, and also uplift mood during the darker months.

By implementing these strategies, healthcare professionals can remain warm, comfortable, and healthy throughout winter.

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