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Our 6 Tips for Choosing your First Scrubs!

Are you thinking about your September return? Are you a veterinary student, physiotherapist, nurse...? Are you starting a new internship soon? Do you need to buy your first set of scrubs? This blog is made for you!

We are convinced that you will find your ideal first scrub set with Happythreads, but before that, read our advice to make sure you make the right choice.

A Memorable Moment 

If you are already a healthcare professional, your medical scrubs are part of your daily wardrobe. You put them on every day without even thinking about it until the time comes to buy new ones. You don't ask too many questions at that moment; you know which suppliers to choose and the type of scrubs you like.

Remember the first time you wore scrubs and what you felt. You were probably excited and determined. Wearing scrubs makes you look professional and competent. It might be the first time your appearance matches your professional ambitions. The feeling of being in the right place and belonging among your peers!

Scrubs are a sign that you are on your way to the profession you've chosen. There's a good chance you'll share a photo with your loved ones and/or on social media.

Buying Your First Scrubs

Not all scrubs are the same! Buying loose-fitting scrubs from a vending machine isn't as exciting as getting yourself an elegant and well-fitted pair. Here are some factors to consider when buying your first set.

A Comfortable Scrub Set

Comfort is paramount, and unfortunately, not all scrubs are comfortable; it depends on the material. At Happythreads, we are convinced that a comfortable scrub set is essential for having a good workday. All the medical scrubs we offer are designed with this key element in mind.

Koi medical garments are among the most comfortable in the world!

The Koi Next Gen collection is our best-selling collection; its fabric is soft and breathable providing incredible comfort. 

The Koi Lite collection is also highly appreciated by our customers, inspired by sportswear, so it's lightweight, stretchy, and breathable.

Finally, the Koi Basics collection comes from the Koi Lite collection but with simpler cuts and a lower price.

The medical outfits we offer are made from cotton and polyester, with proportions varying depending on the collections. For some garments, there may also be a bit of elastane to provide stretchiness.

A Pratical Scrub Set

If this is your first work outfit, here are different important elements regarding its practicality:

Pockets for carrying equipment (scissors, notepads, phone). The majority of our scrub tops have a pocket on the chest and on the sides. The closure of your top. Some will prefer buttons, zippers, while others slip on. At Happythreads we mostly have slip-on tops. With snap buttons, the outfit might accidentally open.

The Fit of the Scrub Set

Whether you prefer a looser or a more fitted style, there are numerous options; there's something for everyone!

The collar is an integral part of the style; we have classic V-neck collarswraparound collarsround collarscollars with zippers.

The Colour of the Scrub Set

Most medical uniform styles are available in classic colours commonly used in healthcare settings: white, grey, black.

However, more and more clinics, veterinary practices, and dental offices are using other colours to stand out. It's always recommended to check with your new workplace to know their guidelines. You might have to wear a specific style or there might be guidelines only about the colour. A colour code could be defined to differentiate different departments within a healthcare facility.

As they say, better safe than sorry; ask the question if the information isn't already provided.

It would be a shame to buy a beautiful coloured scrub set that you can't wear and that will stay in your closet!


The Size of the Scrub Set 

We advise you to always check the size guide before choosing your scrubs. The size guide will provide you with sizes and measurements to help you choose the right option for you.

If you're unsure, check the product descriptions or contact customer service [email protected] to find the size that will best suit you. But don't worry if you choose the wrong size; you have 90 days to return or exchange your order.

Be Proud of Yourself

So, whether it's your first day in a new job, you're about to start your clinical internship or your orientation, or you just want to be ready when the time comes, we want you to know that we are proud of you

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