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Printed Medical Uniforms to Brighten Up Your Summer: Discover Our Koi Basics Collection!

Evolution of Medical Uniforms

For many years, the iconic white coat was the primary uniform for healthcare professionals, symbolising purity, cleanliness, and authority. However, the standards of professional attire are evolving. Today, the medical textile industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, introducing a diverse palette of colours and prints. These new options provide a means for healthcare professionals to express their personalities, moving away from the traditional, often plain and shapeless uniform of the past.

Colourful Healthcare Uniforms: Enhancing Patient Comfort

Modern medical uniforms play a significant role in fostering a relaxed atmosphere for patients. Traditional white uniforms can sometimes contribute to patient anxiety and even stress-related hypertension. Interestingly, research has found that children, for instance, show lower levels of anxiety when interacting with nurses wearing pink uniforms as opposed to blue.

At Happythreads, we offer a comprehensive range of pink uniforms to cater to both pink lovers and this specific need, supporting a more comforting healthcare experience.

Patterned Scrubs: Bringing Fun and Comfort to Work

Coloured and patterned uniforms not only refresh the appearance of healthcare professionals but also positively impact patient experiences. These uniforms facilitate easier connections between patients and caregivers, making consultations more relaxed and productive. Whether you're a doctor, dentist, nurse, or any other healthcare professional, opting for an original uniform with vibrant patterns or colours can significantly enhance both your comfort and your patients' confidence in your care.

Tired of boring healthcare scrubs? We have just the scrubs for you!


Koi Basics Collection: A must for Healthcare Professionals

Let's explore some highlights from this collection: Enter the Koi Basics collection, specifically designed for warmer temperatures, making it ideal for the spring and summer seasons. These garments are crafted from breathable fabrics inspired by sportswear, ensuring comfort and style even on the busiest days.

Our top picks:Untitled-design-14

  • Koi scrub top - Boom Boom: This uniform bursts with vibrant hues and festive patterns, radiating energy and positivity. Its lightweight design and practical features make it perfect for professionals on the go.

  • Koi scrub top - Critters Under the Sea: Designed with paediatric settings in mind, this uniform adds a playful touch to medical exams, helping alleviate children's anxieties. Its cheerful design and comfortable fit are sure to brighten both your day and your patients'. 

  • Koi scrub top - Twilight Camellia: For a soothing presence in the workplace, this smock boasts gentle floral patterns, perfect for working with young children or patients sensitive to external stimuli. Its calming colours create a serene environment conducive to healing.


Embrace Your Uniqueness with Printed Scrubs

These trendy uniforms not only contribute to the well-being of caregivers but also enhance patients' confidence and reassurance. So, why not add some colour and personality to your work wardrobe? Treat yourself to a medical uniform that's pleasing to both the eye and the touch—you won't regret it!

Embrace colourful and patterned medical uniforms into your summer wardrobe to create a more welcoming and comforting environment for both you and your patients. 


Start your summer with style and comfort—browse our Koi Basics collection today!

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