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Summer Medical Uniform: Our Advice for Staying Cool and Comfortable!


Summer is a wonderful season at Happythreads, filled with beautiful weather and fun outdoor activities. It’s easy to see why it’s our favourite time of the year! ☀️

However, for healthcare professionals who face long shifts, the summer heat can present unique challenges. That’s why we’ve created this guide filled with recommendations and tips to help you choose the best summer medical scrubs. Our goal is to ensure you stay cool, comfortable, and can enjoy your summer as much as possible, even during work hours!


Rule #1: Choose the right fabric for your medical scrubs

Fabric is Crucial: The right fabric choice is essential in summer. Heavy materials can trap heat and make long shifts unbearable. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable throughout your day.

Tips for choosing the fabric:

Light and breathable: Fabrics like those from the Koi Lite or Koi Basics collections are ideal. These garments are inspired by athletic wear, known for their lightweight and breathable qualities. Available for both men and women, these collections offer a variety of models and colours to suit everyone’s style.

Easy maintenance: A bonus of the Koi Lite and Koi Basics medical outfits: the fabric dries quickly and is very easy to care for. Just throw it in the washing machine at 60°C and that's it! You don't even need to iron! Perfect for a busy lifestyle!

Tested and Approved: Our customers and the Happythreads team have put these scrubs collections to the test at various trade shows, long shits and day-to-day activities. Their light and fluid design make them a top choice for summer wear.

Advice: These are THE collections we recommend for the summer! Shop the Koi Basics and Koi Lite collections! 


If you're looking for something different, consider the Koi Next Gen medical outfits. Known for their softness and breathability, these garments are made from 73% polyester fabric and offer an elastic fabric that wrinkles very little. They embody the perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making them a favourite among our team and customers. 


Rule #2: Dare to wear brightly coloured medical scrubs

If your workplace permits, summer is the perfect time to introduce some colour into your scrubs, take full advantage of it! Summer is the time to move your black scrubs to the back of the wardrobe and embrace the season's brightly coloured medical scrubs!

Tips for choosing optimal colours for the summer heat:

Light and bright colours: In the heat, we would recommend avoiding dark colours as they absorb infrared rays and will retain heat. Choose light shades that reflect the sun's rays, like Fresh Mint, Heather Mango, Sage, and French Lavender, available in our Koi Basics Becca top and Holly trousers—our top picks for Summer 2024!

Printed medical scrubs: For those who prefer a bolder look, consider printed tops or ombre tops like the Koi Lite Reclaim or Koi Basics Leslie in “Spring Butterflies” for a fresh and lively summer style.


Why these scrubs are ideal for the summer:

Suitable fabrics: Polyester, spandex, all materials often largely inspired by those used for manufacturing sports clothing, are perfectly ventilated and breathable.

Smart design: The design of these scrubs, including features like V-necklines, slide slits and short sleeves, helps improve air circulation and prevents overheating.


Extra tip: consider sizing up

For added comfort during the hottest days, consider wearing scrubs a size larger than usual. A looser fit enhances air circulation and prevents the fabric from sticking to your skin.


With these tips, you’re all set to face the summer heat while working. By choosing the right fabrics, colours, and fit, you can stay cool and enjoy both your shifts and your summer. Don’t let the heat compromise your comfort at work. Explore our range of summer-friendly medical scrubs and find what works best for you. Let’s make this summer as a healthcare worker as enjoyable as it can be!


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