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Unveiling Why Koi Scrubs Are Second to None!

At Happythreads, we understand the importance of providing dental staff with the best attire to perform their duties efficiently and comfortably. When it comes to scrubs, one brand stands out above the rest: KoiHere's why we're passionate about Koi scrubs and why they're the ultimate choice for healthcare professionals.

Stringent Testing Process Ensures Unmatched Quality

One of the key factors that sets Koi apart from other brands is their rigorous testing process for all fabrics. Before granting their seal of approval, they subject the fabric to 21 separate tests. These tests are carried out by third-party testing agencies, institutes, and within Koi's own factories. By conducting these comprehensive tests, Koi guarantees that every fabric meets their exacting standards and successfully passes all quality checks.

Durable Fabric Construction for Longevity

The fabric construction is another critical aspect of any scrubs garment, and Koi takes it seriously. They test each fabric for quality, consistency, and weight. If the fabric doesn’t meet their high standards, it’s rejected. Besides this, Koi also evaluates the pH level of the fabric since extreme pH levels can cause skin irritation or unexpected colour changes in the fabric. With this meticulous approach, Koi guarantees durability and skin comfort, even in the most demanding healthcare environments.

Fade-Resistant and Built to Last

To further ensure the durability and longevity of their scrubs, they test fabric for colourfastness in actual home conditions. Garments undergo 25 wash cycles in real-world conditions to assess colour staining, fading, and overall durability. Additionally, Koi conducts various colourfast tests to study how their fabric responds to sunlight, perspiration, and other common conditions.

Strength and Resilience for the Demands of Healthcare

Strength and resilience are crucial for scrubs to be able to endure the challenges of a healthcare environment. At Koi, they conduct a range of strength tests, including tensile, tearing, and seam strength evaluations. This process ensures that the scrubs can overcome and withstand the challenges of a healthcare professional’s daily tasks, providing durability and reliability when it matters most.

Comfort and Flexibility for Enhanced Performance

Koi goes the extra mile in crafting superior scrubs by paying special attention to every detail. They evaluate wrinkle recovery to ensure their fabric maintains its appearance even after being wrinkled. Apart from this, they assess the fabric’s resistance to snagging, pilling, and abrasion, since these are common occurrences in a medical setting.

A Focus on Healthcare Professional Comfort - Moisture-wicking and Stretchy

More than functionality, comfort is paramount for healthcare professionals who spend long hours in their scrubs. Koi addresses this by testing the fabric’s wicking capabilities, ensuring that poly and poly/Spandex fabrics effectively trap and divert moisture from the body. For stretch fabric, Koi evaluates the degree of stretch and how well the fabric recovers after tension and extension, ensuring ease of movement for all healthcare professionals.

Attention to Detail and Fashionable Designs

While testing and quality control play a significant role, Koi’s commitment to styling, fit, and design details also sets their scrubs apart from the rest. Renowned for their attention to detail, Koi creates uniforms that blend practicality with fashion-forward aesthetics. They want to ensure that healthcare professionals can express their personality and feel confident while providing care to patients. With Koi scrubs, professionals can look and feel their best, making a positive impact in any healthcare setting.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

Koi's dedication to ethical manufacturing practices goes beyond fabric and design. They prioritise partnerships with the best, most ethical factories worldwide, ensuring that workers are treated fairly and humanely. They take pride in supporting companies that value not only the quality of their products but also the well-being of the people who create them.

For example, our Planet Koi collection serves as a tangible expression of this dedication to ethical manufacturing practices. These garments are meticulously crafted from recycled fibres that underscore Koi's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Additionally, for every item sold, Koi pledges to plant a tree, furthering efforts to contribute positively to the planet. 

Elevate your Healthcare Uniform With Koi 

At Happythreads, we firmly believe that Koi scrubs stand unmatched in the world of medical attire. Their commitment to exceeding industry standards, rigorous testing processes, and dedication to fabric quality and construction, makes Koi the premium choice for healthcare professionals and practice owners. 

By opting for Koi scrubs, you're not only selecting garments that meet the highest standards of quality but also prioritizing the comfort and style essential for your staff's well-being. With Koi, you're investing in attire that enhances performance and contributes to delivering exceptional care to patients.

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