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Sustainably Stylish Scrub Transport  

Try our sustainable laundry bag repurposed from used scrubs. These scrub bags provide an eco-friendly and convenient answer for the transportation of healthcare attire and when you get home, you can simply toss the bag into your washing machine for an effortless clean! 

Choosing our recycled laundry bags is not only sustainable, but efficient!. These bags come in a variety of colours with a secure toggle closure. Once you've experienced the convenience and style of our recycled laundry bags, you're sure to never look back!

Koi Next Gen Bags

Koi Next Gen bags are much more than your average accessory. Perfect for your everyday and professional life, they are designed with style and healthcare professionals in mind.  

The "Gather Me Up" tote bag is perfect for your everyday activities; this versatile tote blends functionality with style, with an elegant design and a spacious interior that's perfect for your busy days. Featuring two outer pockets and an internal zip pocket, it's designed to carry all your necessities with ease. You're bound to fall in love with this bag!

If you prefer a backpack, our "All You need" bag is the perfect choice! It's the ideal companion for a hectic workday, allowing you to carry everything you need to balance your professional and personal life. This backpack is tailored to meet your every requirement, complete with multiple compartments and clever pockets for optimal organisation. With the 'All You Need' bag, keeping your scrubs and medical equipment in order has never been simpler.

Don't hesitate any longer; make the smart choice for your scrubs and equipment by choosing our bags!