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Adding embroidery to your work uniform

Embroidered scrubs are more than just a fashionable choice—they're a crucial aspect of professional attire in the healthcare industry. It’s an option on almost all of the tops we have available on our website, but many people don’t realise how important uniform embroidery can be, regardless of what area of healthcare you work in. Whether you're new to uniform embroidery or considering updating your current design, understanding the benefits and options available can enhance both your professional image and functionality. From personalising your scrubs with your name and role to showcasing your clinic’s logo, embroidery adds a touch of personalisation and professionalism that sets you apart. In this guide, we'll explore why embroidery is essential, how to incorporate it into your uniform, and the best practices for achieving the perfect look with Happythreads.


Embroidery services at Happythreads

Quality professional equipment and expertise When you order from Happythreads, all scrubs are embroidered in our workshop by our experienced team, led by Chris and Tim. We use quality professional equipment to guarantee impeccable results with resistant and coloured threads.

Customisation options for all fabrics Since embroidery can be done on all fabrics, you can choose your new outfit from our collections of medical coats. Discover more advice and order your embroidery with us to enhance your medical uniforms!


The benefits of embroidered medical uniforms

Enhance your brand image with custom embroidery: Embroidery is a simple way to make your logo visible and memorable to your patients, strengthening your brand image effortlessly.

Strengthen team unity with standardised uniforms: Embroidering medical uniforms helps standardise and harmonise them, reinforcing your employees' sense of belonging even if the uniforms are not identical.

Stand out among patients with personalised embroidery: Having names or professions embroidered on gowns helps patients identify and contact the right person, enhancing personal recognition and communication.

Durability: the long-lasting customisation method Embroidery is a particularly durable customisation method, withstanding numerous machine washes at high temperatures, making it ideal for healthcare professionals.

Showcase professionalism with embroidered medical coats A well-embroidered uniform presents a polished and professional image, giving patients confidence in the care they receive.

Customer testimonials

Dr. Sarah Thompson - "Having my name and title embroidered on my coat helps patients feel more at ease and builds trust quickly." 

Nurse John Davis - "Our team feels more united wearing embroidered uniforms. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference."


Choosing what to add to your scrubs

Keep it simple and stylish

Less is more, as they say! Do you really need to add every single letter? We recommend a maximum of 21 characters per line when adding text. Try using ‘Dr’ instead of ‘Doctor’. If your logo has lots of shading or gradients, we may advise you to pick one or two colours to simplify things and make it all look quite clear.


The embroidery should contrast strongly with the colour of the fabric in order to stand out. You may wish to use a complementary shade (very light blue on navy, for example) or a contrasting shade (bright pink or yellow on black). The most important thing is any text should be legible to your patients or clients.
Our team advises against choosing embroidery colours that are too close in colour to your top, for example black embroidery on black, charcoal or navy scrubs would not be very visible. If you are unsure of the best colours, our team is more than happy to make suggestions!

Text or custom logo

When it comes to choosing both your logo and text you will need to decide if you would like your text embroidered directly above or below your logo, or on opposite sides of your chest. This will depend on the style of scrub top you have chosen as well as how large you would like the logo to be so that you achieve the most professional result.

Something to keep in mind, if you would like to add both text and a logo to your uniform it is a little more expensive than just adding one or the other.


How to add embroidery to your Happythreads uniform order

We’re best optimised for the Google Chrome browser, so if you have the option, we advise you to place your order using Google Chrome. Embroidery needs to be added at the time of adding the item to your basket. For example, when choosing the colour and size of your top, click the ‘add embroidery’ button before adding to your cart. Unfortunately, you can’t add embroidery to the item after it’s already been added to your basket.

Choose the side of your chest you would like the embroidery to be placed- “Left” or “Right” should be selected as if you are wearing the top. You can then choose Text, Logo, or Both. If you would like your embroidery placement more customised than this, please contact our customer service team to assist you. Again, if this is your first time ordering embroidery on your scrubs we advise making sure the scrubs fit first as once an item is embroidered it cannot be returned.

Text font

We have two standard options for embroidering text to your uniform. This is in relation to add your name, job titles, department etc., and separate from your logo.

BLOCK - the most clear and legible.

Script - a lovely flowing, italic style font. We do not recommend using all uppercase letters for this font.


Stock vs custom logo

Stock logo: If you don’t currently have a business logo but would like to try one, we have some pre-made graphics available to add some character to your embroidery. There is no set-up fee for these stock logos and you can see what options are available when you choose ‘stock logo’ when adding embroidery as an option to your top before adding to cart.

We are thrilled to introduce our new range of stock logos, designed to add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your medical uniforms. Each logo is meticulously crafted to stand out and enhance your brand identity, meeting the unique requirements of all healthcare professionals.


Your own logo: If we’ve already embroidered your logo before, just enter the name of the logo in the correct box when adding your new scrub top to the cart. If it’s one we have not embroidered before, you’ll need to upload the logo image when adding your scrub top to your cart. Upload your image and give it a name. You only need to pay the set-up fee once per logo.

Making changes to a current logo?

Please consider the following graphic when making changes to your logo so you know what can be accepted and changed free of charge or what counts as a totally new logo. Certain changes require re-digitisation of the logo which is why they are considered new.

Embroidery uniform changes

PLEASE NOTE: If you are adding a new logo, please only add it to the first item or you may be overcharged. The second and subsequent tops you can just use the “I have already uploaded my logo” and enter the name you gave the logo you uploaded.


Costs of scrub embroidery

If you’re adding both text and a logo, the cost is £10. For text or logo alone, it’s £5.

What is the Set-up Fee and why do I have to pay it?

Getting a logo right can take time. At happythreads, we make the process as simple as possible. Your set up fee covers the following.

  • Advice on how to choose the best options for your needs.
  • Time spent optimising and digitising your logo to prepare it for embroidery.
  • A fully sewn sample of your logo on your choice of fabric/colour.


The history and evolution of embroidery

An age-old practice The art of embroidery dates back to Antiquity, practised in almost all regions of the world. It involves adding a pattern to fabric using coloured threads. Often decorative, embroidery has evolved and is now also used informatively, to indicate a name or profession on clothing.

The Middle Ages: cross-stitch revival In the Middle Ages, embroidery experienced its first revival with the introduction of intricate cross-stitch patterns in Britain and Ireland. Gradually popularised across the UK and Ireland, it was mainly reserved for religious vestments and ceremonial attire. This revival led to the creation of elaborate tapestries and hangings with complex designs.

The Renaissance: personalised wedding trousseaus During the Renaissance, embroidery became an essential part of young women’s education in the UK and Ireland, personalising their wedding trousseaus with their initials. Sheets, towels, and body linen were enhanced with wool or silk threads, often tone-on-tone, reflecting the craftsmanship of the time.

19th Century: the first embroidery machines Technical advancements over the centuries transformed embroidery, with the 19th-century invention of the first embroidery machine allowing mass production. This innovation was particularly significant in industrial cities like Manchester and Dublin.

Modern Resurgence: 1980s to present The 1980s saw a resurgence in cross-stitching, becoming a trendy pastime across the UK and Ireland. Recently, younger generations have embraced textile arts like sewing, knitting, and crochet, bringing embroidery back into fashion. Tutorials and creative models are flourishing online.


Meet Chris and Tim: the embroidery experts

Behind the scenes at Happythreads Let’s take a look behind the scenes at Happythreads, where Chris and Tim, our expert embroidery men, bring your uniforms to life.

Chris: the detail-oriented perfectionist Chris, with his meticulous eye for detail, ensures every stitch is perfect. He takes pride in his work, knowing that each embroidered coat will help healthcare professionals present a polished, professional image.

Tim: the machine mastermind Tim, on the other hand, is the mastermind behind the machines, always finding new ways to make our processes more efficient without compromising on quality. Together, they make an unbeatable team, turning simple medical coats into works of art.

Chris says, "We love what we do. It's not just about adding a logo or name; it's about creating something that professionals can wear with pride." Tim adds, "Seeing our work on a medical professional, knowing it helps them stand out and feel part of a team, is incredibly rewarding."


Hopefully, our guide will be helpful to you when considering adding embroidery to a lab coat or scrub top. If you have any questions, you can always contact us!


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