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Cherokee: One of Our Most Loved Scrub Brands

Since the opening of our online store, we have offered our customers the best possible medical uniforms, and one of our most popular additions is the Cherokee brand!

We know that it's not always easy to find comfortable and trendy clothing; that's why at Happythreads, we work hard every day to make quality products accessible to everyone who needs them. And most importantly, without sacrificing style - after all, no one wants shapeless, oversized hospital attire…

In this blog, we'll introduce you to one of the world's most renowned brands in the medical clothing industry. We'll delve into its history and try to understand why it's so loved by healthcare professionals. Finally, we'll showcase the products that we offer.

The History of the Cherokee Brand

The Cherokee company was established in 1973, and its brands are now available in over 100 countries, across 12,000 retail outlets and online. Cherokee owns several fashion brands, including Cherokee Workwear, which was introduced in 2004 and specialises in manufacturing medical scrubs. Its heritage enabled it to quickly become one of the most favoured brands among healthcare professionals.

The Cherokee company engages in numerous humanitarian efforts. Since its creation, the company has always strived to improve by:

Introducing new designs

Offering new prints inspired by fashion shows and ready-to-wear collections. Cherokee collaborates with artists and designers to offer unique prints.

Seeking innovative ways to manufacture its garments with technological fabrics: comfort, durability, softness, stretchability, moisture-wicking, and ease of care.

Pursuing exceptional quality; the garments are tested to meet the highest quality standards before production.

Why are Cherokee medical garments so well-liked?

We all know the importance of style and comfort in clothing, but what about in the healthcare industry? The reasons why Cherokee Medical Apparel is loved by many are because their outfits allow for elegant and fashionable styles! Then comes the comfort and practicality of the products. Their slogan is, in fact, "Inspired Comfort". For Cherokee, the contribution of healthcare workers to society is significant, and through the best possible garments, they try to honour the exceptional service and sacrifice of healthcare professionals. And don't forget... They provide high-quality products at affordable prices (so you won't break your budget).

So go ahead, take advantage, you deserve it.

Our Cherokee Scrub Tops

When you're a healthcare professional, it's crucial that your attire reflects the hours of hard work and dedication you put into patient care. At Happythreads, we have exactly what you need! We offer scrub tops in different styles for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses...

Here are some products that will make your life easier:

The classic - this unisex V-neck scrub top is super practical.

Trendy scrub top with multiple colours, pockets, and side slits for greater freedom of movement and therefore more comfort.

It is made of 55% cotton, 42% polyester, 3% spandex twill. Finally, it is very easy to maintain. 

We also offer patterned scrub tops and Cherokee maternity scrub tops.

We take pride in the brands we distribute at Happythreads and we have no doubt that Cherokee will continue to stand the test of time and be a fan favourite for many years to come! 

Find all our Cherokee products here

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