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Discover the Perfect Colour for Your Medical Uniform to Enhance Your Complexion


Choosing the right colour for your medical uniform isn't just a matter of personal style—it can significantly impact your appearance and confidence. Whether opting for a classic white scrub, an embroidered garment, or a vibrant floral pattern, each choice plays a role in enhancing your overall look. 

Look no further than Happythreads for your healthcare uniform needs! Our extensive selection includes everything from vibrant tunics to comfortable scrub joggers. With a wide range of colours to choose from, we're here to help you find the perfect shade that suits you best. Let us assist you in discovering the ideal colour for your healthcare attire!


Understanding skin tones is key to making optimal colour selections for your scrubs

Our medical scrubs are crafted from premium textiles, boasting fitted and slim-fit cuts that cater to diverse body shapes. With their stretchy composition, these pieces provide both comfort and mobility, catering to the dynamic needs of caregivers who require both flexibility and resistance.

But before choosing a medical scrub, it is essential to know your skin tone to choose the right colour. 

This involves recognising your skin's undertones and lightness, whether warm, cool, or neutral and on a range from fair to dark. By integrating these factors, you can determine your overall skin tone, which serves as a crucial guide for selecting flattering colours.


What’s your skin undertone?

Undertones play a crucial role in choosing which scrub colours look best on you. To identify your undertone, look at the veins in your wrist:

  • Blue veins: cold undertone.

  • Green veins: warm undertone.

  • Difficulty distinguishing colour: neutral undertone.

What’s your skin clarity?

The clarity of your skin is often determined by your reaction to the sun or simply by visual observation:

  • Fair skin: tends to burn easily in the sun.

  • Medium skin: generally tans well without burning.

  • Dark skin: strongly resists sunburn and tans deeply.


Integration of undertones and lightness to determine skin tone

After identifying your skin's undertones and fairness, combine this information to understand your overall skin tone, which is crucial for choosing the most flattering colours:


Warm undertone

Cold undertone

Neutral undertone

Clear skin

Clear warm tone

Clear cold tone

Light neutral tone

Medium skin

Medium warm tone

Medium cold tone

Medium neutral tone

Dark skin

Dark warm tone

Dark cold tone

Dark neutral tone

Once you know both your skin undertone and lightness, combine the information below to choose the optimal colours.


Colour advice for your medical uniform

 Now that you've identified your skin tone, here's how to choose the best colours for your medical coat based on that tone:

Tips by skin tone

Warm tones

  • Light warm tone: Opt for colours like coral, sunshine, and peony pink.

  • Medium warm tone: Prefer colours like terracotta, heather mango, and heather sage.

  • Dark Warm Tone: Choose deep colours such as ruby ​​red, burgundy, and eggplant.

Cool tones

  • Light cool tone: Favour light, cool colours like lavender, light blue, and azalea pink.

  • Medium Cool Tone: Bright colours like electric blue, Caribbean blue, and fuchsia are ideal.

  • Dark Cool Tone: Select jewel tones such as royal blue, turquoise, and teal.

Neutral tones

  • Light neutral tone: Subtle and soft shades like light grey, heather grey, and wisteria will suit you.

  • Medium neutral tone: You can experiment with a wide palette, including sage green, steel grey, and blue green.

  • Dark neutral tone: Rich, balanced colours such as navy, charcoal, and galaxy are excellent.



Additional considerations for choosing your perfect medical scrubs

When selecting your medical scrubs, there are additional factors to consider beyond just colour:

Hair and Eye Colour

Take into account your hair and eye colour when choosing your medical attire. For instance, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, warm tones like mustard yellow or coral can accentuate your features and create a pleasing contrast. Similarly, if you have brown hair and green eyes, earthy tones like khaki or beige can complement your look seamlessly.


Think about your body's needs in addition to your eye and hair colour. If you tend to perspire heavily, opt for breathable fabrics and colours that resist showing sweat stains. We recommend exploring our Koi Basics and Koi Lite collections for such practical choices.


Functional and Stylish Clothing

In addition to selecting the right collection and colour, consider complementary pieces like high-waisted scrub trousers, sweaters, and scrub jackets that not only serve a purpose but also add style to your ensemble. Our workwear range caters to men as well, featuring comfortable and fashionable tops and trousers.


Comfort and Practicality

Ensure that your medical scrubs are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and functional. Our uniforms, designed to be as comfortable as pyjamas, are crafted to accommodate your movements throughout the day. The fabrics adapt to various body shapes, and the cuts are optimised for ease and efficiency.

Choosing the appropriate colour for your medical coat based on your skin tone can enhance your professional look and boost your confidence. By selecting colours that complement your complexion and considering your personal style and workplace environment, you can create an outfit that not only flatters you but also exudes professionalism and style.

At Happythreads, we understand that ideal medical attire goes beyond mere functionality. That's why our collection celebrates the diversity of the medical profession, offering uniforms that are both practical and stylish and available in an extensive range of sizes.




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