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One of our best show yet: BDA Dental Showcase in Birmingham


What an event! With a great location, a huge turnout, and inspiring conversations with dental professionals, we are ecstatic to share our experience at the May BDA Dental Showcase in Birmingham. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who visited us at stand Q21. Your enthusiasm for our scrubs, including our new men's Cureology collection, was fantastic!


Event highlights: Networking and innovations for dental professionals

The May BDA Dental Showcase is a key event in the dental industry, offering a platform for professionals to explore the latest innovations, network with peers, and gain insights into emerging trends.

Our journey to the BDA dental showcase

Our journey began with an early morning flight from Dublin to Birmingham. Despite arriving at the airport on time, our flight was delayed. We made ourselves comfortable, with Olivia battling away any plane nerves. I played the only Avicii song I could find to calm her during takeoff. Fortunately, it was a quick flight, and we didn’t even need to leave the airport to reach the event hall, which was incredibly convenient. As our custom-built stand was ready for us, we swiflty set up the garment display and proceeded to get some rest and dinner before what turned out to be a really busy first day!


Day 1 recap: Engaging with dental professionals

Engagement, style and professionalism

Our first day was full of inspiring conversations with dental professionals. It was also great to see many students attending and hear about how their journeys are just beginning. We were thrilled to point them in the right direction for the best dental scrubs - ours, of course.

Showcasing the Cureology collection

The first day's colours were an absolute hit. Our entire team was dressed in our new Cureology collection in captivating shades of Carnation Pink and Teal. Teal seemed to be the show favourite, with everyone stopping to take a look. 

In the snapshot from that day, Olivia, our customer service specialist, can be seen in the Aura scrub top paired with the Pulse scrub joggers. Beside her, Aga, our marketing leader, is wearing the Cardi scrub top and Artia scrub trousers combo. Meanwhile, Marie, our French business developer, is also in the Aura scrub top paired with the Pulse scrub joggers, while I, Cara, the marketing assistant, wore the Aura top and Atria trousers.



Day 2 insights: Building partnerships and boosting sales

Partnerships, sales, and ferraris

On the second day, we were delighted by the busyness of the event. The atmosphere was great, and visitors returned with happy smiles after picking up their free prosecco and popcorn at a few stands. Steven Bartlett was the main speaker on this day. As a marketer, I was extremely excited to attend his talk, but there was no chance of getting in. However, I did see him through the curtain... that counts, right?






 Exploring partner stands

In the afternoon, Marie and I had the joy of visiting all our partners' stands, including Dr. Jam's. You couldn’t miss this stand; it had a red Ferrari! It was great to see all the different stands and learn more about the dental industry as we strive to tailor our scrubs to best suit dental professionals' needs.










 "Mean Girls" all-pink day

For the second day, we channelled our inner "Mean Girls'' with an all-pink day. Olivia was in the Koi Basics Becca scrub top paired with the Holly scrub trousers. Aga wore the Cardi scrub top and Pulse scrub joggers. Marie sported the Aura scrub top paired with the Pulse scrub joggers, while I wore the Koi Next Gen Hustle and Heart top with Everyday Hero trousers. 




What made this trade show a success?

Hands-on experience with our scrubs

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity for our customers to experience our collections firsthand. By feeling the fabric, witnessing the vibrant colours, and engaging with our team, attendees can tailor our offerings to their individual needs, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

This direct interaction is invaluable for both us and our customers. 

As this trade show was leading into summer, we used a bright and bold approach at our stand, showcasing all of our head-turning colours. It was great to see so many people stepping out of their comfort zone and placing orders with colours like Green Tea and Sunshine. However, the overall favourites were Sea Glass and Teal.


Our unique selling points: comfort, style, and professionalism in scrubs

What sets Happythreads apart from the competition? Our scrubs aren't just garments; they're a symbol of comfort, style, and professionalism. From our meticulous attention to detail to our unwavering commitment to quality, every aspect of our scrubs is designed with the wearer in mind.

Our on-site activities were a hit, drawing in over 1000 participants eager for a chance to win a free set of scrubs!


Launch of the men's Cureology scrub collection

Affordable comfort and style

A major highlight of the showcase was the debut of our highly anticipated Men’s Cureology collection, following the successful female launch at the previous BDIA trade show in London. Crafted from premium materials, this collection offers unparalleled comfort, durability, and flexibility, catering to every body type from petite to tall. Tested for superior performance in demanding work environments, Cureology fabric ensures reliability and longevity. What's more, these scrubs come at a price point that everyone can afford, making high-quality healthcare attire accessible to all professionals.

Overall, our most popular collections at the May BDA Dental Showcase included Koi Next Gen, Koi Basics, and Cureology. Among these, Koi Next Gen retained its status as the favourite, although Cureology is rapidly gaining popularity. Koi Next Gen's popularity comes as no surprise, given its super soft, 4-way stretch fabric, which offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

We're immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event and connect with dental professionals from around the globe. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and made the showcase a truly memorable experience!


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