Tax Relief for Nurses in the UK

You could be seeing a much larger sum in your next return all thanks to tax relief. We have all the information you need to know right here. If you have never claimed tax relief, you can do so for the current tax year and also backdate a claim for the previous four tax years. You may be eligible to claim tax relief on the following:

  1. RCN Membership fees.
  2. NMC registration fees.
  3. Uniforms (Including shoes and tights).
  4. Laundry costs for your uniform.

How much you can claim depends on:

  1. How much your annual fees cost.
  2. Your tax situation.

UK taxpayers can claim up to 20% on their RCN membership fees. If you pay fees to RCN or NMC for example or if you pay professional indemnity insurance (eg to Medical Protection Society) you can claim tax relief every year on these costs. HMRC will usually allow you to claim 20% of the cost of these expenses. RCN members receive a claim form in their annual membership pack. If you don't have that you can download here Download a tax relief form. NMC  

Laundry Tax Claims

If your employer provides no laundry facilities and you wear a uniform you can claim a tax allowance every year for the cost of cleaning your nurse scrubs. Below is a list of occupations and the allowance in which they are eligible to claim back. As this is a flat rate allowance you do not need to provide proof/receipts of cleaning costs.  

  • Ambulance staff on active service £140
  • Nurses, midwives, dental nurses, therapists, healthcare assistants £100
  • Laboratory staff, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants £100

Find out more information here:  

Shoes and Tights

You can claim an allowance of £12 per year if you are required to wear special types of shoes, for example, non-slip shoes. If you are required to wear particular colour tights then you can claim additional tax relief of £6 per year.  

How to Claim Tax Relief on my Nurse Uniform?

  1. Write a letter to the tax office on your payslip or P60. If you can’t find it, ask your employer or ring the HMRC helpline to get it.
  2. In the letter state your occupation, job title and your employer’s name and address. Include dates of your employment for the past four years.
  3. State if your employer provides any laundry or cleaning services for your nurse's tunics.
  4. State why your hospital scrubs can’t be worn outside work.
  5. State if you want the rebate to be deducted from the current year’s tax or if you would like it sent to you as a cheque
  6. You don’t need to tell them the cost of cleaning your medical uniforms as it’s a flat rate of £60 tax allowance per year for everyone.
  7. Once you have claimed for this rebate and been accepted it will be taken off your tax in future.
  8. If you have reclaimed before and want to do it again just phone 0845 300 0627.

Calculate how much you are owed here:

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