Top 10 Reasons to Buy Online

As an online-only store, we do sometimes get customers enquiring if we have a physical UK store (we don't). Our uniforms are available online-only, unless you’re lucky enough to catch us at a trade show. Here are some of the best reasons we think buying online is awesome.

Price Comparisons

When you’re shopping online, you can shop around and get a great deal. Many online retailers run special offers and send regular newsletters letting their customers know about them. You can sign up to ours on the bottom right side of this very page!

Time Savings

You save time by letting the online store do all the work - the store is always where you are, no need to travel to a new location. It’s like having a giant shopping centre in your pocket! Working long shifts, early shifts or night shifts can mean you’re asleep or working when physical stores are open. Conserve your resting time by ordering at any time of day or night. Every night is late night shopping when you’re shopping online!

Spoiled for Choice 

Ordering online expands your choices significantly - especially if you live in a small town or in the countryside. You can order exactly what you need, not whatever you can get. Compare prices, styles and colours with ease!

Security and Peace of Mind

The EU have regulations governing the rights of consumers when purchasing online, including a 14 day cooling off period for online purchases. (We offer our customers a 60 day return period). You can check them out here:

No Giant Bags of Stuff


We all love the shopping montages in movies where the star is followed out of the store by staff carrying tons of bags and a hat box, but these days, you’ve got to carry your own bags unless you’re a zillionaire. Getting your order delivered means you don’t have to carry big bags of shopping around. Let the courier/postman do that for you!

Check out the Reviews

Check out reviews left by other shoppers to get tips on quality, fit and service. At Happythreads, we regularly invite our customers to review their purchases. We love knowing we’re doing a good job, and we want to learn about how to do a better job if our customers aren’t happy!

No Changing Rooms

Nobody likes changing rooms, even if they’re fancy. Trying on your purchases in the comfort of your own home, with your own lighting and mirrors means life is simply easier and more comfortable (and flattering)


Dropping your parcel at a post box or parcel shop is a lot easier than dragging your purchases to the store and dragging your stuff home again. If you’re signed up to our newsletter, you might even get advance notice if we run a Free Returns weekend, which we do from time to time. We've also got a 60-day returns window which means you have plenty of time to decide!

New & Improved Website

If you’re a regular Happythreads customer, you might also have noticed when ordering that it is more clear in the checkout if an item is not in stock or needs to be ordered from our supplier. At the same time as moving to our new location, we have also rolled our an updated version of our Happythreads website.

So our larger warehouse means that we have more stock on hand for our customers and our new website means it’s clearer when we do need to order stock for you. We hope this means faster ordering and delivery times for our customers.


We’ve all done it - a late-night shopping experience results in a surprise package a few days later. It’s like getting gifts you’ve chosen (and paid for) yourself. What could it be? 




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