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Happythreads Team

Who We Are

Happythreads started in 2009 out of the frustration at the market of ill-fitting, traditional medical uniforms. It was the vision of co-founders Daniel Plewman and Abigail Moore to bring stylish, premium scrubs to the healthcare workers of Ireland and the UK. Now a leading supplier of healthcare uniforms in that market, their vision has come to life. Happythreads supply a wide range of scrubs from premium brand Koi, Cherokee, Dickes, Suecos, and Chrysval. At Happythreads, we believe in creating a professional look for all healthcare workers without compromising on comfort, colour, size or style. We aim to always supply a wide variety of high-quality scrubs to suit all shapes and sizes, without restrictions on colour and style. Because EVERYONE deserves to feel great at work.



Working at Happythreads

Why Work For Us

At Happythreads, we believe in creating a space where all voices have a chance to be heard regardless of your role. Our weekly staff meetings are an opportunity to voice ideas, highlight concerns and hear from fellow colleagues about what they are working on. We are focused on constant improvement in every aspect of the business and following the concept of ‘distributed decision making’ means everyone who would be affected by the outcome of a decision should have a say in the decision. Following this model has helped us create team synergy and an enjoyable place to work.

Hiring Values

In the hiring process, we consider our interview candidates based on our core values and competencies. We seek to hire candidates who are the best qualified for the role both in terms of past experience and someone who would be the right cultural fit for the team.

The Perks

Health and wellness is at the forefront of the competitive benefits package offered to all permanent employees. We strive to help all our team achieve a work-life balance they are happy with.

Health and Wellbeing

Company health insurance policy for all permanent staff after reaching the 1 year milestone.


We offer a company pension scheme to all permanent employees.

Hybrid Working

We work on a hybrid model with most employees being able to an agreed number of days from home.


Daily smoothies and pizza Fridays are a favourite fun benefit among employees as everyone can order their favourite pizza while enjoying a chat with their colleagues.