Veterinary Uniforms & Scrubs

Looking for durable, high quality veterinary scrubs? Look no further.

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We understand that working as a vet caring for animals, you need to be ready for anything and don’t want to worry about your scrubs keeping up.

That’s why we supply vet scrubs made from the best quality, durable fabrics. Whether you're looking for scrubs for a vet or a vet nurse, we believe your veterinary uniform can be both comfortable, stylish AND functional. You can wash all our scrubs at 60C and Koi scrubs only require minimal ironing afterwards.

We know it’s not always easy to find the best vet scrubs that have a flattering fit for different body types. That’s why we have a wide range of styles, sizes and colour options for you to choose from. We offer vet scrubs trousers in a variety of styles including elasticated and drawstring waistbands, straight leg or jogger style, and all containing multiple pocket options. If you’re not sure what size to order, check out our size guide to find the best match. We offer a 90 day returns policy, so if the fit isn’t right it’s easy to send them back. Vets often wear green, blue and charcoal colours like our hunter green or true ceil tunics, but if you’re looking for cute vet scrubs in vibrant, fun colours we have a wide range in pink, yellow, teal and purple. We also have vet scrub tops that come in colourful prints and patterns including animal prints like cats, turtles and butterflies.  

We supply both premium quality vet uniforms and cheap vet scrubs (that are still great quality!). Wondering what type of scrubs vets wear? Most vets working in clinics in the UK don’t all need to wear a specific style or colour, it just depends on what that clinic has chosen. Our customers that work in veterinary have chosen some of the following collections as their most loved vet scrubs due to their comfort, style and durability: Koi Next Gen, Orange Standard, Cherokee and Dickies. Depending on the type of animals you generally work with, you might prefer wearing lighter scrubs like Koi Lite. 

Get ready for surgical scrub hats and accessories that you’ll love! We have both long and short hair scrub caps for vets available in funky prints that will feel comfortable, breathable and secure on your head. Badge reels in cute animal like dogs, cats, bumble bees and cows are sure to bring a smile to your clients faces.