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Scrub Care Guide

At Happythreads, we aim to supply scrubs of the best quality that continue to look and feel great wash after wash. We want to help you ensure your scrubs are long lasting and retain their amazing quality, so we have a list of some washing tips/guidance to follow that will keep your scrubs in the best condition possible!

How to Wash Your Scrubs

  • No matter what brand of scrubs you have, you should turn your uniform inside out before washing and always remember to check the pockets for any forgotten belongings! 

  • Your scrubs should be washed at 60C and be separated from any other garments as per HSE guidelines. 

  • Make sure not to overload the machine to ensure garments are cleaned properly. 

  • We recommend avoiding bleach and detergents that contain colour brighteners.

  • Most of our scrubs are easy care and require minimal ironing, however to help them along we recommend that as soon as they’re finished washing they are shaken out and hung to dry to prevent too much creasing. (Cotton rich scrubs may require more ironing).

  • If you are using a tumble dryer it is advised to use a low heat without dryer sheets.

  • All scrubs should be ironed inside-out and on low heat to prevent any scorch marks on the fabric e.g. use the wool/silk setting on your iron. If you have a clothes steamer, that would also work great!

How to Prolong Longevity

  • If you can’t wash your scrubs separately, they should be washed with similar colours to prevent the chances of colours running. For example, here is a list of colours that should be washed together:

- Whites: all whites should be washed in a whites only wash.

- Dark colours: black, charcoal, navy, caribbean blue, heather grey, galaxy, royal, hunter, grape, olive, platinum grey (or any other dark shades).

- Reds/Pinks: ruby, wine, flamingo, fierce fuchsia, peony pink, rose, azalea (or any other pink shades).

- Light mixed colours: electric blue, sunshine, sage, teal, true ceil, wisteria.

  • Use a mild detergent without bleach or any harsh chemicals to prevent fabric break down and colour fading. 

  • Limit using high heat when drying to prevent deterioration and colour fading, instead opt for air drying your scrubs.

  • If you wear your scrubs every day, consider rotating between multiple sets. This allows your scrubs to get some rest between wears and washes, prolonging their longevity.

If you follow all our tips and guidelines you’re sure to have scrubs that feel as good as they look, wash after wash!

For additional information read the NHS guidelines here / HSE guidelines here.