Uniform Embroidery

You can add embroidery to your healthcare uniforms, nurses uniforms, dental uniforms and scrubs here on the Happythreads website.

Embroidery Costs

If you would like a custom logo put on your uniform, there is a one time set up fee of £50 (eg.  set up fee £50 plus cost per side £5 = £55)

Thereafter you only pay the standard fee.

Price per side:

Logo only / text only  - £5

Logo + text - £8

PLEASE NOTE text is whatever you type - name, position, department etc. If your logo already has text as part of the image there is no extra charge.

You can have your name, job title, department, one of our own Happythreads logos or your own custom logo embroidered on your uniform. 

Custom Logos

We can embroider your company logo and give your staff a professional look. If we have never embroidered your logo we will contact you after you place your order and provide you with a sample of your embroidered logo to ensure you are happy with the finish and the colours.



Please bear in mind that once an item has been embroidered it cannot be exchanged and a refund cannot be issued.

Delivery Time

Please allow an additional 10-14 working days for delivery if you choose to use the Happythreads uniform embroidery service.