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Happythreads are delighted to announce that they will now be supplying NHS employees and dental professionals with new cheap healthcare uniforms for the ward or practice on a budget

Embroidered Lab Coat

Elevate your professional image with embroidered lab coats from Happythreads. Customise your garment with high-quality embroidery and showcase your unique identity and expertise. Shop Now!

The History of Medical Scrubs

Discover the rich history of medical scrubs, from their origins in the 19th century to modern advancements. Learn how these essential garments have evolved in design, fabric, and functionality.
Tara shares her 27-year journey as a Chartered Physiotherapist, from hospitals to her own practice in Arklow, Co. Wicklow. Discover the challenges, rewards, and tips for aspiring physiotherapists.
It’s an option on almost all of the scrub tops and lab coats we have available on our website - let’s take an in-depth look at adding embroidery to your scrub top - when it’s a good idea, how it works, and what are the best options to choose.
Discover the evolution of medical attire, from white coats to colourful scrubs, and their impact on healthcare. Learn why doctors' scrubs matter in modern medicine.?
Wondering which fabric is the best when choosing your scrubs? Learn about what the different fabric types are and what to keep in mind when choosing your perfect scrubs.
Discover our experience at the May BDA Dental Showcase in Birmingham! Learn about our new scrubs collection, event highlights, and what made this trade show a success.
Summer is here! Check out the fun new scrubs colours and prints we're stocking at Koi. ☀️
Stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months with our top selection of medical scrubs. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, style, and innovation with our Koi Lite and Koi Basics collections.
We receive a lot of enquiries about the correct temperature to launder dental scrubs and tunics. The guidelines on the correct washing temperatures are constantly changing.
Stay cool during summer with our expert guide on medical uniforms. Explore light, breathable fabrics and vibrant colours suited for healthcare professionals!
Learn the best practices for washing and caring for your nursing scrubs to ensure durability and hygiene. Discover expert tips to keep your nurse uniforms in top condition.
Step into spring with our latest collection of comfortable medical uniforms, featuring lightweight scrubs and stylish accessories to refresh your professional look.
When the temperatures rise, staying cool and comfortable at work, especially in healthcare settings is essential! Here are our tips to help you beat the heat and stay cool this summer!
Let us help you in finding the ideal scrub colour to complement your skin tone and elevate your professional appearance at work! Find out which scrub colour best enhances your appearance at work.
Happythreads had a remarkable presence at the March BDIA Dental Showcase in London! Dive into our blog post where we shine a spotlight on our scrubs, the networking opportunities, and the exciting debut of our Cureology collection!
Discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability with Suecos medical clogs.
Elevate your summer style with our vibrant printed medical uniforms! Explore our Koi Basics collection for breathable, stylish scrubs designed for healthcare professionals.
Learn how UK healthcare professionals can claim tax relief on uniforms and other work-related expenses. Start saving today with our easy guide.
Explore what your choice in nursing scrubs says about you, and uncover our top-quality, budget-friendly selection meticulously crafted for nurses like you!
Explore why Koi Scrubs are unmatched in quality and comfort. With meticulous testing processes and a focus on durability and style, Koi elevates the healthcare professional experience like no other.
Introducing Koi Cureology Scrubs: Where Comfort, Style, and Functionality Converge - at a price you'll love.
Elevate your salon's aesthetic with Happythreads beauty tunics and Koi Scrubs. Discover unparalleled comfort, style, and durability for your salon team.
Discover how Happythreads scrubs steal the spotlight on TV shows like Casualty, Emmerdale, and Holby City. Dive into the behind-the-scenes magic!

Happythreads' 2023 Journey

Explore Happythreads' unforgettable 2023 journey: expanding product lines, charitable contributions, global impact, and celebrating a year of remarkable success!
Dive into our exclusive interview with a physiotherapist. Explore the realities of physiotherapy, uncover the truth behind common misconceptions, and gain valuable professional insights tailored for healthcare workers.
Read our blog to learn everything about Cherokee, one of our most loved brands!
The American brand Dickies celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Read this blog to learn about its history and the products available at Happythreads!
Find the perfect gift whether it's for a friend, relative or colleague working in the healtchare field.
For healthcare professionals, the winter season brings unique challenges in staying warm and comfortable. This blog delves into the importance of choosing the right thermal scrubs and layering techniques to stay warm and comfortable while working. Covers essential tips on nutrition, hydration, and physical activity to maintain warmth in cold conditions. For those looking to update their winter wardrobe, this article serves as a comprehensive guide, showcasing a variety of winter healthcare scrubs tailored to meet the unique challenges of the season.
Picking out your first scrub set is an exciting rite of passage. Whether you're a student preparing for school, entering the workforce, or someone embarking on a new healthcare journey, finding the perfect scrub set is essential! Read our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Scrub Set.
At Happythreads we are crazy about animals! Read our latest blog to hear our thoughts on all things veterinary uniforms.
Explore the significance of the surgical cap in the world of medical attire with our latest blog post. Learn why this seemingly simple accessory plays a crucial role in hygiene, identification, and professionalism for healthcare providers.
Curious about why medical professionals wear scrubs? Our blog has the answers! We'll break down the practical advantages of wearing scrubs, from easy movement to maintaining hygiene. Join us to learn how scrubs make a difference in healthcare!
Whether it's about addressing practical questions, changes in society, or even for the sake of comfort and aesthetics, medical attire has truly evolved over the decades, striving to become more and more comfortable and to adapt to the numerous needs as well as the diverse preferences of those who wear them.

So today, let's take a look back at all the different styles of nurse uniforms, from the last century up to now.
Not sure what scrubs to go for? Read our comprehensive guide to find the perfect scrubs for you!
If you work in the dental industry in the UK, you may be entitled to tax relief on your scrubs! We aim to outline the principles of how this may work, more information available on the HMRC website.
Have you ever wondered who to go to for your pet’s skin concerns? Read this blog to learn about Kathryn Cuddy and her veterinary dermatology clinic!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the dental industry? Read this blog to learn more about a day in the life of a dental hygienist and therapist!
At Happythreads, we have always aimed to show our customers that they can feel comfortable, confident and stylish in their work uniform. Whether that means wearing bright colours, scrub tops in a feminine shape, or expressing personality through funky accessories like badge reels. If you’d like to apply the dopamine dressing trend to your scrubs uniform it’s simple, choose scrubs or accessories that you know will make you feel good about yourself. That doesn’t just mean wearing bright pink or vivid yellow scrubs, it could mean wearing more neutral coloured scrubs. After all, we all have different personal styles!
Dr Hilary shares with us her insights from her career as a senior emergency medicine doctor with a special interest in Care of the Elderly. Hilary is passionate about advocating for her elderly patients and finds caring for them is extremely rewarding.
Katie Mugan talks to us about her career from General, Paediatric and Public Health Nurse to becoming a full time Lactation Consultant and founding her successful website Nursing Mama.
This week as part of our spotlight on the great work being done by women in healthcare, we interviewed Bronagh Keene aka Ireland's Tooth Fairy!
Read this blog to learn about what kind of superpowers you are sure to develop after working many years as a midwife plus gain some insight into what it's like to work in this profession.
Nowadays, the design and look of medical scrubs are becoming as important as comfort and protection.
Welcome to the third post of our ‘A Day In My Scrubs’ blog series, where we hear from healthcare professionals with different specialties about what it’s like to work in their role, how they spend their spare time and achieve a work-life maa
Written by a psychiatric nurse working in a psychiatric unit in South West Ireland, this piece shares some thoughts and insight into the realities of working in the mental health services at this time of year. It’s important to remember that those who work extra hard this time of year to support vulnerable people and try to bring a little cheer to what can be a lonely time.
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