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Beat the summer heat with style: Explore our top selection of medical scrubs at Happythreads


With summer just around the corner, heat can become a major challenge, especially for those working in healthcare. At Happythreads, we take your comfort and well-being at work to heart. Here are our recommendations for staying fresh and comfortable during your busy days. ☀️


Koi Lite medical scrubs collection

Comfort and style:

The Koi Lite range is ideal for combating the summer heat with its innovative, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics. Whether you are constantly on the move or in extended consultations, these outfits will keep you dry and comfortable all day long. The line also includes maternity scrub tops, offering comfort and elegance during this critical period. Each piece is designed to move with you without restriction.

Where to find them? Visit our full collection here.


Philosophy medical scrub top for women

Lightweight and adaptable:

Our Philosophy scrub top is the perfect ally against the heat with its 100% polyester composition, inspired by sportswear for optimal moisture absorption. It is particularly appreciated by dentists and veterinarians for its flexible cut and quick drying. Available in 18 colours, it offers style and functionality without requiring ironing.

Customer testimonials:

  • Laura: "Very comfortable and high-quality scrub top. Ordered just for myself, but now I'm going to kit out my whole team."

  • Mary: "I love this top, slightly stretchy, great fit... Definitely recommended, excellent value for money!" 

Force medical scrub top for men

Style and functionality:

The Koi Lite Force scrub top is a flagship model for men, known for its lightness and extreme comfort. Made of 100% polyester, this scrub top is one of the best-sellers in our Koi Lite collection. It offers a classic cut with a V-neck and features two large zipped side pockets as well as a chest pocket, perfectly combining style and functionality.

Customer testimonials:

  • Mark: “I recommend it. Very good product.”

  • Patrick: “Very comfortable and light tunic. Breathable and easy to wear. The material is nice and feels comfy. I would definitely recommend these. 



Koi Basics medical scrub collection

Simplicity and efficiency:

The Koi Basics range offers scrub tops that are so light they seem to disappear once worn. They are extremely popular with nurses and dentists  thanks to their absorbent fabric that withstands the rigours of medical work while maintaining impeccable elegance. Stay tuned: new colours will be available soon to further personalise your professional style!

Where to find them? Visit our full collection here.


Becca medical scrub top for women

Elegance and optimisation:

The Koi Basics Becca scrub top for women is designed to provide optimal comfort during the summer. Made from polyester and elastane, this medical scrub top is both lightweight and breathable, incorporating side slits for improved air circulation. With its four practical pockets and its stretch fabric, it combines functionality and ease of movement. Available in over 20 vibrant colours, the scrub top is perfect for healthcare professionals looking to stay cool and comfortable throughout their busy days.

Customer testimonials:

  • Katie: “Absolutely the best brand ever!! Just got a new set. I can’t believe the last one I got was… 4 years ago! Up to this day it’s literally brand new. Got lots of compliments over the years . The quality and comfort is second to none!"

  • Sha: “Only product that has my size as I'm tiny. Delivery was prompt. Material is lightweight and dries easily after washing. Stitching is beautifully done, loving all the extra mini pockets.”

Bryan medical scrub top for Men

Long-lasting comfort:

The Bryan scrub top is specially designed for men, with 95% polyester for exceptional lightness and sweat-wicking function. It includes a practical pocket at chest level, ideal for medical tools. Known for its durability, it is the perfect choice for a productive and stress-free summer.

Customer testimonials:

  • Joe: "Very comfortable and light tunic. Breathable and easy to wear. The material is nice and feels comfy. I would definitely recommend these.

  • Adam: "Great quality, sweat proof and stylish stitching details." 



We hope these suggestions will help you choose the perfect medical scrub for summer. ☀️

Enjoy the sun and stay comfortable with Happythreads! Discover our entire collection on Happythreads, shop our designated summer Koi Lite and Koi Basics ranges.


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