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Medical uniforms are no longer as simple and plain as they used to be. There are multiple ways to alter your uniform to make your work look your own. Some clinics opt for uniforms in their establishment's colours, or colour codes for the attire of different team members, or choose embroidered lab coats. At Happythreads, we offer a wide range of products available in various styles and colours for UK healthcare professionals, whether you prefer plain or printed designs. If you are looking for trendy, modern or fitted scrubs, Happythreads has something for you! 

Enhance your work look and show off your individual tastes by adding accessories to your uniform. Happythreads has many accessories to offer, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs! 

The Scrub Hat: Fun and Functional

Add some fun and personality to your uniform with bold and bright scrub patterns. At Happythreads we supply UK healthcare workers with a wide range of medical caps from the Chrysval brand. With both short and long hair options, it’s easy to keep all hair lengths tucked away and unisex options allow for the whole team to enjoy the Chrysval range. Chrysval are affordable, high quality scrub hats handcrafted in France with 100% eco-friendly cotton and contain the ‘Oeko-Tex’ label meaning they do not contain any toxic chemicals.

The Medical Watch: A Necessity for Time Management!

To make your days run smoother, we offer a medical watch perfect for taking to work. Our silicone unisex medical watch is super lightweight and durable, allowing you to keep it with you at all times without worrying about damaging it or causing discomfort.

Badge Reels: Pop of Personality

Many UK healthcare professionals regularly wear medical badge reels for identification. In the past, standard badge reels were typically plain and boring. However, at Happythreads we encourage workers to showcase their personality through our bright, colourful and fun badge reels! We offer various designs and colours allowing you to show your style or coordinate with your colleagues, all while brightening your patients day! 

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