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Underscrubs offer extra protection

Made from quick-drying, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, underscrubs keep you cool and dry at work while also providing a protective barrier from harmful chemicals for your skin. They are also a great option if your scrubs are made from a thinner material in order to prevent transparency.

Long-sleeve underscrubs keep you warm

As the weather gets colder, our underscrubs will also provide an extra layer of heat ensuring you keep warm during the chilly months. And the best thing is you can keep using your everyday scrubs, rather than having to purchase a winter set as these will keep you toasty during your shift.

Extra layers - pair underscrubs with a scrub jacket

If you are looking for even more layers and ways to stay warm - add one of your jackets to your look - you definitely won’t be chilly in winter! We offer a wide range of suitable scrub jackets, so you can create your perfect all-year look with a combo of a scrub set, an underscrub top and a scrub jacket. 

Easy-care high-quality underscrubs at Happythreads

Our underscrubs are made from high-quality fabric that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. They wash well in 60C and will dry quickly so that they are ready for your next shift.

Available in black and white and a large range of sizes from XXS to 3XL, our easy-care underscrubs are sure to become a staple in your work healthcare uniform wardrobe!