How to wash your nurses uniforms

We receive lots of enquiries about what is the correct temperature to wash your nurses' uniforms at, well wonder no more as happythreads have all the answers for you.


How to wash your nurses' uniforms

It is important that nurses uniforms are freshly washed before each shift as nurses uniforms are worn for long periods a few days a week and can become contaminated with microorganisms during procedures.

Nurses uniforms should not be worn outside the hospital for hygiene reasons, adequate changing and storage facilities should be provided in the hospital. Scrubs should be washed at the hottest temperature suitable for the fabric to reduce any potential microbial contamination.

The maximum temperatures for each brand are listed in the table below

Brand Composition Maximum Washing Temperature Recommended Temperature
Koi Classics  55% Cotton/45% Polyester soft twill 60° 40°
Orange Standard 35% Cotton/65% Polyester plain weave 60° 40°
Koi Lite Body: 100% Polyester Dobby
Rib trim: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
40° 40°
Koi Basics 95% polyester 5% Spandex microfiber stretch  40° 40°
Koi Stretch 55% cotton, 42% polyester and 3% spandex 40° 40°
Cherokee 35% Cotton/65% Polyester plain weave


Dickies 35% Cotton/65% Polyester plain weave 60° 40°
HappyFIT 35% Cotton/65% Polyester plain weave 60° 40°
Budget 50% polyester and 50% cotton plain weave 60° 40°

Before washing your nurses' uniforms review the care instructions on the label. These instructions should explain the correct way of washing your scrubs. For nurses scrubs made of 100% cotton, put on a cold wash. The label will also state the fabric in which your nurses' scrubs are made from. Usually, it is polyester and cotton but it is important to check before washing to ensure you don't damage your nurses' uniforms. When washing, use a detergent that kills bacteria. You can also add half a cup of vinegar to the water which will prevent the colour of your nurses' scrubs from fading.

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