New Cheap Healthcare Uniforms

Happythreads are delighted to announce that they will now be supplying NHS employees and dental professionals with new cheap healthcare uniforms. These healthcare medical scrubs are from our 'Budget Scrubs' range. Our cheap healthcare uniforms are available to buy as navy healthcare uniforms, cornflower royal blue medical scrubs, the ever popular hunter green budget scrubs, traditional hospital ceil blue healthcare uniforms, delightful raspberry medical scrubs and just to make your eyes sparkle that little bit more, we also have turquoise tunics.

Healthcare Uniforms UK Size Guides


Check out the look and style of these tunics and scrub trousers below. Don't they look fabulous? If you are a woman on the hunt for healthcare tunics like these we would recommend that you choose a size smaller than you normally would. Why? Because these healthcare tunics are unisex. Similar if you are a man buying these hospital scrubs you might want to consider going up a size if you like that extra bit of roomy comfort. These healthcare uniforms are available in sizes extra small to 3XL and come in a regular scrub trouser leg length. The best thing about these medical scrubs is that they are made for both men and women which is particularly handy when you need to kit out an entire department on a budget.

Happythreads latest range of medical scrubs are priced at only £9.99 for a scrub top and £9.99 for scrub trousers or you can buy a set of these medical scrubs for only £16.99. Bargain I hear you say!

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