Using Embroidery To Improve Staff Appearance & Customer Relations

At Happythreads, we’ve been embroidering scrubs for the last 9 years – and we love it! It’s grown

in popularity so much, that we invested in our own small embroidery machine a couple of years ago.

It helps us turnaround small uniform orders quicker than we used to with the thanks of our

wonderful embroiderer, Mary.



Almost daily, we are either sending your orders out to our embroidery company or having some

done on our in-house machine. It’s grown at an outstanding rate, we’re definitely kept busy with it.

Whether it‘s your practice logo, our own stock logo, your name or your company name – we’ll be

sure to make it stand out.

Personally, I always forget people’s names, it’s not that I’m rude or don’t listen when people

introduce themselves to me. I just get a bit of a mental block when I’m in the first 5 minutes of

meeting someone new - I know I’m not the only one here! So you can imagine my relief when I’m

introduced to my nurse, my doctor, my dentist, even my vet, and there it is – stitched right in front

of me on their scrub top.

So why not match your comfortable, colourful scrubs with some stand out personalization!

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